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Monday, May 07, 2007

Charmaine received F-Cup cake from Taiwanese fans

[Ta Kung Pao 08/05/07]

Charmaine Sheh accepted an invitation from her Taiwan fans and flew over for an early birthday celebration. Several hundred fans were in attendance and they presented her with a special 'F-cup breasts' birthday cake, leaving her a little embarrassed.

Charmaine compared the cake to her own body and the fans explained that the cake represented beauty and wisdom combined into a goddess. Charmaine smiled at this and even lifted the cake up to her own chest for the fans to take a memorable photograph. Charmaine was then so playful that she put the candles in between the breasts on the cake, saying that she did not want to ruin such a perfect pair of breasts. To thank her fans for their support, she sung them the song 'The Moon Represents my Heart'.

This is the first time that Charmaine has met with her fans in Taiwan in this way and they took advantage of the chance to speak their hearts to their idol. Some of the lucky ones who were allowed onto the stage were very nervous and shaking, whilst others did not dare to look at Charmaine in the eye, just saying to the MC: "I love you!". The fans asked her whether she had any funny stories from when she was filming in the mainland and she said: "The funniest thing were the rumours between me and Raymond Lam." Among the Taiwanese fans, some mothers were so keen to meet Charmaine that they even brought their children and babies along with them.

Charmaine's series "Maiden's Vow" is currently airing at its height in Taiwan, so she shared her thoughts about whether she was as good a cook as her character in the show. She says that when she was studying in Switzerland for catering management, she learned all about Western cuisine, but often cooked Chinese food in her student halls, but the smoke and grease caused protests from her fellow students and she never succeeded in cooking a meal. She says that when she was studying abroad, she missed her mother's home cooking the most.

News translation credit to Em TVBspace.

High resolution picture, credit to Baidu:

Sehseh: Ah... lucky Taiwan fans. Hmm... should we arrange a fans meeting for Malaysian, Singaporean & Thailand fans?

Added May 10, 2007: Clip of Charmaine singing "The Moon Represent My Heart"

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1 comment:

Funn Lim said...

Sehseh I am surprised there isn't one. But Taiwan is more convenient than Malaysia. And if there is one please ...

1. Malaysian fans only. Singapore and Thai can set up their own meet the fans session

2. oh God I hope there won't be a vulgar cake like this one. Why can't it be a cake fashioned after an angel? Vulgar vulgar vulgar

3. why isn't there a Charmaine Sheh official fan club to handle all these? Sehseh you form one lar!! Find a secretary, find a treasury, find a president and it will so much easier but Charmaine has to give her blessing for this official fan club.

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