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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Charmaine Learns from her Senior Jordan Chan

[Ta Kung Pao 19/05/07]

Jordan Chan and Charmaine Sheh were filming in TVB City's ancient street for "Steel Lips Silver Teeth" in a scene that tells of Jordan buying up all the oranges in the area and then selling them back to Charmaine at a high prices. Charmaine accuses him of breaking the Qing law by monopolising the market, but she will let him go if he can eat all the oranges himself because this means he is not breaking the law. This frightens Jordan. During filming, Jordan was making his lines too colloquial and the director had to ask him to be more refined with his lines.

Apart from Jordan and Charmaine, the scene also included Mimi Chu as Charmaine's mother and she was dressed up with a supersized chest, often covering herself up and saying to Jordan: "Be careful you don't bump into me!" Asked if he had bumped into Mimi, Jordan smiled: "I did have a bump, but I didn't feel if they were very bouncy! (Fake ones are bouncy?) I know, otherwise she is a 'g-lai'." Charmaine added at this point: "Yes, that is how she got me so healthy and beautiful!" Charmaine was asked if she was envious of Mimi's big chest and she laughed: "What is there to envy? However, it would be okay for me to put some fake breasts on, but it would be very hot." As for working with Jordan, she says he is very friendly and asked about him not being used to the classical lines, will she help him out? Charmaine says that Jordan is her senior, so she will be asking him for lessons instead!

When the reporters mentioned this to Jordan, he laughed: "How can she be like that! We have only worked half a day together and she is saying things like this! I know she is joking now." Jordan adds: "I am very angry at Michael Tse together because I forgot to bring my own chair today, but Michael left immediately, taking his own chair with him and did not even say goodbye, like he was someone big!" Jordan says he was joking though and it is great to work with an old friend, so he is very happy. As for the classical lines, he explains that it was only during rehearsals and he would not do that when they are filming properly.

News translation credit to Em TVBspace.

Sehseh: I like Charmaine's hairstyle in here, kind of remind me of Yeuk Lan in FFOSM. Mimi Chu will be acting as Charmaine's nanny (hence, the 'ample' bosom) in this series. I like seeing her in comedies :)

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