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Monday, May 07, 2007

Argh.... crashed hard disk

It's official. My hard disk crashed and died on me last night.

Image Hosted by I kind of expecting it as it's been making funny sounds since Dec but I kept delaying backing up my data. Now I'm sorely mourning over the possible lost of data and burning hole in my pocket.

Tsssk... it was barely 2 months after my monitor crashed. Perhaps a sign from 'above' that I need to change my pc? God, please give me a little time because if that is so, my card bills will drive me crazy.

Anyway, because I can't use my pc at home, that's mean articles translation will be very slow. However, I'll still do daily news - in fact there is one which I'll be translating during lunch today.

I need some opinion though. Which brand is better?

Western Digital?

p.s. I will be very grateful if anyone is willing to donate or sponsor a new hd for me...


Freddy said...

It's always sad to hear someone HDD crashed, then failed to backup... swt...
For Reliabity, I go for Seagate, normally cost a bit more per Gigabyte.
For Value & Silence, go for Samsung, I not choosing this because they are too new in HDD field.
Maxtor is famous among all brands by consumers, I don't like it because you'll know it when it came into Warranty policy. (sucks!)
Western Digital is between Seagate & Samsung, it's just slightly noisy when it's writing.
In my opinion, for storage of my valuable data, I will buy 500GB Seagate (16MB/7200rpm) since prices has dropped.
Good Luck & remember always backup your data.
Freddy :)
p.s. Charmaine Sheh Forever :)

Funn Lim said...

Seagate is ok. Maktor is ok. What about I think Kingston? Not sure if they sell hd. But Seagate is ok.

sehseh said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I think I'll go for Seagate, since my IT colleague prefer them too.

Oh gosh Freddy, haven't seen you around for a very, very long time! Where have you been? Thought you abandoned us Charmaine fans! Lol... but your joke on not backing up is not funny ler...

I don't need 500GB at the moment (haha... I don't dl series, so no need for that gigantic space). Think I'll settle for 160GB. Plus I just changed my motherboard, repaired my monitor barely months ago... so gotta pinch my pocket a but :P

Funn, are you using Seagate as well?

Freddy said...

hahaha... I didn't really abandone Charmaine / fans, I visited ur blog everyday & sometimes at Jayne Star to read news.
It's just that adjusting my own time & not as active like last time.
I have allocated a partition for Charmaine & always in my heart & it's backup every week :P

yuin~ said...

i'm using seagate as far no the 250gb for rm280..3.5"

fongie4 said...

did you want another sponsor? i could help you out a little. let me know,

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