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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

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Charmaine Sheh: The most relaxed series in 10 years


CCTV and TVB collaboration grand series [Drive of Life] are currently busy in filming. Following Michael Miu and Sheren Tang's visit to guest QQLive chat "Face to Face" yesterday, we have invited another onscreen pair - Raymond Lam and Charmaine Sheh. In the series, Ray and Charmaine played lovers that have many twists and turns in their relationship. Though both of them have worked together for many times, they indicate that they finally reached compatibility in here. Charmaine disclosed that [Drive] was the most relaxed series she filmed in 10 years.

In the series, Charmaine portrays a girl who loves money, a different attempt compared to her previous roles. Being partnered with Ray again as onscreen lovers, the idea was well received by audiences. During the chat, both of them unanimously wore matching outfits. Turn out that it was really a coincidence and shows that they do have compatibility. Charmaine was a real estate agent, very materialistic, because coming from a single family, she needs money to support her mother, and only money can provide her a sense of security.

In addition, Charmaine expressed that this series is the most relaxed series she ever filmed in 10 years. This series have scenes in 8 major cities, and due to the long time frame of the series and the huge number of cast, the filming schedule was not that tight. Compared with past filming in HK, this series is more relaxed. During the chat, a lot of fans declared their affections, and Charmaine also told touching stories regarding her fans. Once there were fans who composed and sang a song that narrates her journey in showbiz, Charmaine was so touched that she cried.

Charmaine's mandarin not fluent, Raymond Lam becomes her 'tutor'


CCTV and TVB collaboration grand series [Drive of Life] are currently busy in filming. Following Michael Miu and Sheren Tang's visit to guest QQLive chat "Face to Face" yesterday, we have invited Michael's "nephew"; Raymond Lam. In this series, Ray's character name is Wah Zhen Pong. In the beginning when he met Charmaine, she was a real estate agent while he was working in property development, therefore needing her assistance. From start, they were a bickering duo, but later grew favorable impression of each other and getting together in the end. Ray disclosed that after finishing filming this series, he will have around one month leave. He plans to prepare for his own music album during that time.

Because Charmaine's mandarin is not fluent, Ray becomes the 'tutor' by the side. Their compatibility is very obvious. They first met in TVB's Acting Class, and afterward working together in [LWOLAP] and [Yummy Yummy], becoming a well loved on-screen lovers by audiences. In [Drive], Ray portrays a young master who met Charmaine, a real estate agent due to work. Both of them experienced many twists and turns, and finally ends up together.

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Newsflash: Charmaine new series in 2007!

I have just received news in both and Baidu that Charmaine will be filming two new series after [Drive].

The first one which she have confirmed during the chat above is 《陳夢吉》aka Chan Mong Kat. Her co-stars (unconfirmed) are Jordan Chan, Kenneth Ma, Leila Tong, Kate Tsui and Matthew Ko. Not much details are known except that Charmaine is the wife of a lawyer (could it be Chan Mong Kat himself?) but he is useless so she have to go to the court in his place, disguised as a man. Chan Mong Kat is a famous fictional character, a lawyer in the late Qing dynasty. The producer of this series is Lee Tim Seng (PONR, The Conqueror Story, Safe Guards).

The second series she will be filming is Forensic Heroes 2 in September. Her co-star are Bobby Au (yes!) and Kevin Cheng. Charmaine have confirmed this with fans.

Image Hosted by Two series in a row? There goes Charmaine's holiday down the drain. She said she would like to have a break during summer, but now she'll have to film costume series in the hot summer! But the bigger surprise is that Jordan Chan is returning to TVB to film a series? I remember his last series is [Duke of Mountain Deer] with Steven Ma, which was also set in Qing dynasty!

Added - Okay, just got news that Charmaine will be taking a break in July - September!

About Forensic Heroes, I'm pretty pleased with this news as I've been looking forward for a modern series of Charmaine and Bobby together. Wonder if they will be changing the storyline?

p.s. Charmaine is also going to attend The 26th Hong Kong Film Awards Presentation Ceremony this Sunday (April 15). Not sure if she will be presenting award to winners.

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