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Monday, April 02, 2007

[Drive of Life] Themesong cost nearly HKD1 million

Hacken filming [Drive] themesong MV

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Hacken Lee & Yip Wing Sie
Creating a new trend in series theme song

Hacken is not only the [Record Sales King], but also the HK singer who have most collaboration with the symphony orchestra. Therefore, when series [Drive of Life] innovation by inviting renowned orchestra conductor Yip Wing Sie and Hong Kong sinfonietta to perform the music for the theme song; Hacken became the best nominee to sing the theme song [The Sky This Blue]. This time with Yip and Hacken co-operating once more, it will definitely spark a new crossover trend in TV series theme song.

Filming in High Definition TV (HDTV)

Though the series [Drive of Life] is still in midst of filming, but due to this series being TVB first grand series collaboration with Mainland China's CCTV, in order to strive for perfection; the filming of the theme song was also set earlier, hoping to have more time to do post production work. Recently, Hacken, Yip and HK sinfonietta gathered at TVB City to record and film MV for the theme song.

Related parties disclosed that special sound effect would be added later during post production work to ensure a better sound element. In addition, similar with the series, the MV will be filmed in HDTV format for the first time. Moreover, the MV will be included into [Drive of Life] special edition disc. Partial of the MV will be incorporated into the opening theme video when the series was broadcasted later. No wonder all parties are taking this recording and filming process seriously.

Extremely honored

[Drive of Life] filming location includes Hong Kong, Mainland China and Canada. The series will also be simultaneously aired in Hong Kong and Mainland. Hence, [The Sky This Blue] will have both Cantonese and Mandarin lyrics in it. The Cantonese part will be sing by Hacken, while the Mandarin part falls onto Taiwan’s [Gold Producer] Steve Zhou (Xiao Gang) and the composer is Joseph Koo. As the one who will be singing the Cantonese part, Hacken said he was felt honored.

"Because Brother Fai (Joseph Koo) already retired for so long and now returned composing for TV series themesong again, I finally get to sing his song. Plus getting to collaborate with such an exceptional producer cum singer like Xiao Gang, though he was busy now and an only record later, but being able to appear in a same song with him is worth the happiness."

Lastly, Hacken did not forget to thank TVB: "This time, TVB have used approximately 7 figure sum to produce this song, which was very rare in HK. And for this opportunity to be given to me, I am really honored."



粵:沒什麼 經得起苦楚 轉折變化不怕多
恨什麼 真心去愛過 不要計較怎結果
國:怕什麼 皮膚都擦破 還有心中的烈火
至少我 看到特別多 風景沒白白錯過
粵:日出 照舊(國:我往前走)
粵:煙花最暫 亦燦爛(國:花火縱然是短暫也燦爛)
國:我們受傷 我們越強(粵:成敗之間)
國:風浪 打造夢想(粵:談笑之間)
粵:人長久 幾多的風波 歡笑總比苦澀
話別中 幾多對與錯 想你開心比我多
國:沒月亮 讓星光閃耀 還有你曾經愛我
沒後悔 只是有時候 免不了有點寂寞


The Sky This Blue
Composer: Joseph Koo
Lyrics: Cheung Mei Sin

C = Cantonese M = Mandarin

C: There is nothing
Able to withstand hardship
Not afraid of many changes
What to hate
Once truly loved
Doesn't mind the outcome

M: What is there to fear
The skin has already grazed (torn)
There is still a fierce fire in the heart
At least I
Saw a lot more
Did not miss the sceneries in vain

C: Sunrise as usual (M: I marched ahead)
C: The sky this blue (M: The weather so blue)
C: The fireworks are brief yet sparkling (M: Fireworks are brief yet sparkling)

M: We have been hurt
We have grown stronger
(C: Between success and failure)

M: The storm
Build the dreams
(C: Between laughing chats)

M: Hoping that my life has no regrets (C: The usual gathering and separation)

C: Ages of men
So many stormy obstacles
Laughter is harsher than bitterness
In saying goodbye
So many right and wrong
Wishing you to be happier than I am

M: There is no moonlight
Let the star sparkles
And you who have once loved me
Never regretted
Though sometimes
Can’t avoid feeling a little lonely

Sehseh: Phew, finally done with the translation. There's plenty of [Drive] updates tonight, so do come back later!

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