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Thursday, April 05, 2007

[Drive of Life] Funny filming clips!

Since the start of this week, [Drive] official site has been releasing more pictures and candid clips of the cast filming.

Official site mainpage:

Without much ado, here are 5 newest filming clips of [Drive]:

Raymond playing around with the camera

Download the clip here .

Lol... Ray says if he could choose, he prefer to be the sound technician and not the lighting technician.

Ray introduced his 'office', Myolie pranked on Charmaine

Download the clip here.

Ellesmere's character name is Chung Zhi Ming. Look at him boasting about his 8 'education degree'!

Charmaine planting kisses on Ray's face

Download the clip here.

People on the street start pointing and shout: "Charmaine Sheh kissing Raymond Lam!"

Feng Shao Feng speaking cantonese (cute!)

Download the clip here.

Ah, Feng Shao Feng's cantonese is so cute! And not bad too, compared to other mandarin speaking artiste attempting to speak cantonese. Liu Ging Sang is also humorous, he hinted that he is better looking than Ray and Shao Feng during his youth. Kekeke...

Ron chasing after Toby - NGs

Download the clip here.

This clip is also hilarious. Ron keep messing up with the timing - he was jesting around even though the director walked up to him! The ominuos words appearing on the clip telling them to 'obediently film' is funny...

On set pictures from official site

Damien hospitalized (Spoilers: I think this is when he was paralyzed due to Charmaine)

Cup noodles, anyone?

Ray becomes Karaoke King while Charmaine strikes a pose

Additional pics credit to Raymond Forest:

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cherryumbrella said...

id really appreciate if u can repost the clip with charm kissing ray

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