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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Charmaine Sheh filming new series with Jordan Chan

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[Ent QQ 23/4/07]

Charmaine Sheh, who has just finished filming TVB's grand production of the year [Drive of Life], attended an opening ceremony for a property investment event yesterday morning in Conghua. Charmaine place high hopes on this series (Drive) and regard it as one of her representative work for this year, with a chance of being nominated Favorite Actress award*. However, whether she could really receive any award, Charmaine says it will have to depend of the response as the series was not aired yet.
*Note: Charmaine said she have confidence in getting voted, but doesn't necessary mean she will win. Basically she's expressing confidence in [Drive].

Filming in Mainland is like a vacation

Yesterday morning, as soon as the purple dressed Charmaine appeared, she attracted a lot of housewives fans who pursue her. Charmaine said to the reporter, though [Drive] filming have wrapped up in Beijing since April 18th, she was very busy over the last few days due to events/functions. She has just returned to Hong Kong from Taiwan and directly come to Conghua. "I only slept 3 hours at home". However, Charmaine said that the events she recently attended are more demanding than filming series (Drive). "Because filming in Beijing is more comfortable than Hong Kong, there's no need to film in the middle of the night. In addition, this series have a lot of different storylines, therefore when other cast are working, I can take a break. Therefore filming this series feels a little like vacation." In the middle of this 'vacation', Charmaine also took time to visit The Great Wall of China: "I came to Great Wall when I participated in MHK pageant 10 years ago. Returning the place, I have many sentiments."

After winning "Best Actress" award at TVB anniversary award last year, Charmaine have yet to have another series aired to date. When asked by reporters if she was worried not being able to defend her title, she replied: "I feel that [Drive] is able to, my storyline with partner Raymond Lam is very appealing. In addition, I will be playing a villain; the middle part is mostly about me exacting my revenge. I am also very greedy of money, only money can give me a sense of security. This portrayal brought me a lot of challenge." The reporter jokingly asked if she was greedy for money in real life, Charmaine frankly said: "Money is very important." Regarding of the report that she was TVB highest earning actress last year, she smiled and said: "I don't know whether it's true (highest earning), but if you worked hard, you will receive some reward."

Doesn't mind a younger boyfriend

After finish filming [Drive], Charmaine disclosed that she will rest for a month before filming TVB new series, [Chan Mong Kat & Fong Tong Keng]. She will be working with Michael Tse and Jordan Chan in the series, with majority of scenes with Jordan. She said that this was her first time collaborating with Jordan; she hopes they can spark chemistry. Asked if she is worried there will be rumors, she said: "I'm never worried. This kind of news doesn't appear this year, they occur every year."

In addition, recently there were rumors about her newly 'rumored boyfriend' Ron Ng with Toby Leung. The reporters jokingly asked if she have the feelings of 'getting rid of trouble' (lat laan). "This ending is very good, but I never felt that it was 'trouble', but more like a publicity ploy." Regarding her other rumored boyfriend Benny Chan currently airing series [The Change of Destiny], Charmaine frankly said she haven't watched it, moreover she is not interested in watching television series, sounding a bit callous to her rumored boyfriend. "I prefer watching movies more than television series, because I do not have the time to chase TV series plot."

Previously in an interview, it was indicated that Charmaine's future boyfriend is between five years younger than her. Therefore, when reporter teased if she will be worried that communication will be affected if she has a younger boyfriend, she replied: "If we can communicate, age doesn't matter." In addition, Charmaine frankly said that she have thought of getting married by 30 years old, but now she already exceeded that age, therefore she didn't set a date to marriage anymore. As long as she goes along with fate, and she mentioned that the criteria for her boyfriend are "Must be taller than I am, dotes on me, and doesn't need to be wealthy."

Additionally, with the recent news of former TVB General Manager Mr Ho Ding Kwan joining ATV management board, there are reports of a headhunting list by Mr Ho, including Charmaine's. When asked if Nr Ho have contacted her, Charmaine said: "I just came back and didn't contact with anyone yet. My contract with TVB still have another 3 years to go, therefore it's too early to be discussing this. Therefore, please don't believe in the rumors, you can ask me directly if you have any questions."

Charmaine’s value increased 3 fold in four years


Just completing filming for handover series [Drive of Life] in Beijing, Charmaine Sheh recently flew to Taiwan to promote [Maiden's Vow] and on 22nd arriving at Conghua for a property investment opening ceremony. In the brief 2 hours, she already pocketed more than hundred thousand dollars. Compared to year 2003, this "Double award TV queen" value have increased nearly 3 fold. She is also wearing the same diamond earring studs that sparkles everyone's eyes during promotional events at Taiwan. Charmaine frankly said her future boyfriend doesn't have to be rich, nor does she mind that he is five years younger than her. Hearing this, the reporter thought of her recently rumored boyfriend, TVB actor Ron Ng.

Revisiting Great Wall after 10 years

April 17th, [Drive] officially wraps up filming in Beijing and the large entourage already returned to HK. Earlier in an interview, Charmaine indicate that [Drive] is the most relaxed series she ever filmed after entering showbiz for 10 years, therefore she have plenty of time to stroll around and tasting food in Beijing. 10 years ago while taking part in MHK pageant, Charmaine has once gone to Great Wall. Recently, she revisit the place and reminisce the time of MHK, her sentiments are beyond words.

Working with Jordan Chan in new series

Charmaine, who always packed her schedule with work, will be taking a break until mid May after finishing [Drive]. Afterward, she will join Qing costume series [Chan Mong Kat & Fong Tong Keng]. This series is about Qing dynasty two famous lawyers. Charmaine will be working with Jordan Chan and Michael Tse, with plenty of comedic scenes in store. In [Maiden's Vow] we already have a glimpse of Charmaine's comedic talent, this time they believe that working with Jordan will create sparks. Charmaine expressed that she really admires Jordan and have watched his movies before. When asked if she was afraid of spreading rumors with Jordan, Charmaine said: "I'm never afraid."

During filming [Drive], Charmaine has once been rumored with the 5 year younger TVB actor, Ron Ng. In Taiwan, tarot card reading revealed that her Mr. Right should be 5 years younger and have an earth sign horoscope; which coincidentally matches with Ron. That day, Charmaine disclosed her criteria for the other half - Apart taller from her; he doesn't have to be rich, as long as they could support their livelihood together. Reporters asked if Charmaine mind dating a guy five years younger than her. She replied: "Age doesn't matter; the most important thing is communication." Charmaine's "ex-rumoured boyfriend"; Benny Chan's series [The Change of Destiny] is currently being aired by TVB, but Charmaine said she have never watched this series.

Have confidence to be nominated "TV Queen" again

Charmaine have yet to air new series in 2007, expressed that her performance in [Drive] is very good, it's a semi evil, semi good character with quite a lot of scenes with Raymond Lam. Therefore, she have confidence in being nominated for 'TV Queen" again. In addition, it was reported that the former TVB General Manager Mr Ho Ding Kwan recently joined ATV and have a headhunting list which includes Charmaine's name. At this Charmaine said that she have been filming in Mainland and had barely slept more than 3 hours in her bed in HK, therefore she didn't contact anyone. She still have 3 years contract with TVB, so Charmaine said: "It's not me, no need to listen to rumors, if there's any matter you can ask me directly." When asked if she knew if other actors on the list have plans to move to ATV, Charmaine expressed that it's other people own matter and she shouldn't be concerned.

Charmaine pledge not leaving TVB in 3 years


Yesterday morning, Hong Kong artist Charmaine Sheh arrived in Conghua to attend a promotional activity. After 'splitting' with Benny Chan, Charmaine's love life continuously receives attention from media. Yesterday, she stressed that her love life is still blank: "I have once thought getting married and having kids before 30 years old, but I have now exceeded that age, and I don't want to think about it anymore."

Sentiments: Revisiting Great Wall after 10 years

Charmaine informed the reporters that she have just finished filming [Drive] in Beijing. Mentioning those days, Charmaine said they're similar to vacation: "Filming in HK was done in day and night, back to back. While filming in Mainland, we at least have regular rest time. We also took time to travel around; the one that left the deepest impression is the Great Wall." Turn out that it was Charmaine's second trip to Great Wall: "I went there once during MHK pageant, now it's already 10 years…" Charmaine's face subconsciously reveals signs of sentiments.

She will be filming new series [Chan Mong Kat & Fong Tong Keng] soon, competing with two major 'rascal scholar' (Gu Wak Choi Tze)* Jordan Chan and Michael Tse. In the series, Charmaine is paired up with Jordan Chan. She expressed looking forward working with Jordan: "I did not have contact with him before, but I really like his movies, he is an outstanding actor, also very comedic. I hope there will be new sparks."

* Referring to Jordan & Michael popular gangster movie with Ekin Cheng in the 90's; [Young & Dangerous] (Gu Wak Zai).

Promise: Will not leave TVB within 3 years

Former TVB General Manager Mr Ho Ding Kwan moving to ATV has triggered a lot of wild guesses for the 'headhunting' list. It was rumored a lot of popular TVB artistes will be jumping ships to ATV. One of the suspects is Charmaine Sheh. When reporters asked Charmaine to verify this, she laughed: "There is such list? Don't believe the rumors, I have not contacted anyone, I won't be leaving TVB for the time being." Reportedly, Charmaine still have a 3 years contract with TVB. Regarding what are her plans after 3 years, Charmaine said: "That so far in the future, who knows?"

The reason Charmaine expressed her loyalty, is because she was loved by TVB to the extend that they're inseparable. Not only she received TV Queen last year, she was also 'allowed' to film movies. In [Lady Iron Chef] directed by Wong Jing, she was the first leading actress. Regarding filming movie, Charmaine said it was interesting, "The technical aspect is different from TV series." However, Charmaine straightforwardly expressed that her focus is still filming TV series.

Hopes: Boyfriend must dote on me, taller than I am

Since entering showbiz, Charmaine have a lot of rumors, the newest 'match' being Ron Ng. With recent rumors that Ron is pursuing Toby Leung, Charmaine said: "I never paid attention to this kind of news, I don't read them either. Most of the time it's you reporters who told me. I think it's just a publicity tactic." Rumored ex-boyfriend Benny Chan's series is currently airing on TVB, to this Charmaine said "never watch TV series" as reason not to comment.

Charmaine told reporters that currently she is still single. "Before this I thought of getting married and have children by 30 years old, because this is healthier. But now I have already passed that age (Charmaine was born in 1975), I don't want to think about it anymore, just follow fate then." She also disclosed the criteria for her other half: "Have to dote on me, and also taller than I am… Also can communicate together." Do she have any requirement on boyfriend's career? Charmaine said: "Doesn't have to be rich, as long as his job doesn't makes me worry it's okay."

If reposted the news translation above, kindly give due credit to me and my site. Thanks for co-operating!

Sehseh: Sigh... can't they just drop the rumors with Ron? I like how Charmaine replied when Taiwanese media asked her about Ron's personality - she honestly said she doesn't have the time to know him well, because they never worked together before. You can watch the video two posts below.

Anyway... one of the hottest topic early this month is about Mr Ho going to TVB's rival; ATV and rumors of his plan to persuade TVB producers and artiste to jump ship to ATV. Below is the so-called "Top Secret" list published by the media:

Scan credit to Forever Joe Ma

Eh... how is this "Top Secret" if it can be published everywhere? I think it's just a publicity ploy. Anyway, it says that ATV plan to entice TVB staff to jump ship using nearly HKD10 million. According to the list, it says they're offering Charmaine HKD1.5 million.

Like Charmaine said, her contract will not expire until 3 years later. I heard in Kuangai TVB that Tina (Charmaine's manager) have been promoted and she can't manage artists anymore (that's why Bosco and Myolie have changed manager) but being so attached to Tina, Charmaine insist Tina to keep managing her... Therefore, after her contract expires... I'm not sure but if options are available, I prefer Charmaine to sign per-series contract like Ada and Jessica. This way, she can at least film one TVB series per year and have time to expand her career in Mainland China and maybe Taiwan.

I'll translate this news later. It's about Charmaine close relationship with Tina.

Anyway, back to Charmaine's series. I hope you all won't misunderstood her comment regarding [Drive]. She simply expressed her confidence in her role, but in no way she said about 100% going to be nominated or even winning award.

As for [Chan Mong Kat], man I'm so excited about this series because I always like the story of Chan Mong Kat and his arch rival Fong Tong Keng. There are some versions before this, my favorite being Deric Wan's version. It's also Charmaine first time working with both Michael & Jordan, so I'm really looking forward to it. Do you know that Michael & Jordan knew each other for years? It's not just because of [Young & Dangerous], but because they were in a pop band together (Jordan, Micahel & Jason Chu) called "Wind, Fire, and Ocean". Haha... they were rather known for dancing than their singing skills (lol). I only knew about this group existence when I was browsing through the media library during my internship at Rock Records.

Additional news translation, credit to Em:

Charmaine Sheh Meets Warm Fans in Taiwan

[Ta Kung Pao 25/04/07]

It has been three years since Charmaine Sheh last visited Taiwan and recently, she returned to promote her series "Maiden's Vow" which is currently airing there, meeting the press and her fans at a press conference. The organisers had arranged 80 seats for her fans, but there were complaints when 100 fans turned up. As the venue could not accommodate so many people, some were left outside and refused admission.

As well as being interviewed and photographed, Charmaine was also asked to ice a cake for the fans to try. Charmaine plays a very able cook in the series, but the fans' line of sight never left Charmaine as they scrambled to take photos with her, totally ignoring her cake.

Finally, Charmaine agreed to have a group photo with them to avoid disappointment. In the two day promotional trip, she was invited to be interviewed and photographed for most of Taiwan's media and television. When the fans asked her to come back and share her birthday with her, she agreed to return again in May to thank them all for their support.

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Yiing Fern said...

The 'Chan Mong Kat' series looks good. I've always like this kind of ancient time lawyer series. Jordan and Michael are both great actors and also old friends and bandmates. They should have great chemistry.

I just hope that this time, TVB will make both Chan Mong Kat and Fong Tong Geng equally smart. Usually, in such series, Chan Mong Kat is always the more clever one (but if Sung Sai Kit is there, he will sure own the 2 of them) and always the good one while Fong Tong Geng is the bad guy. I hope to see a change. If not totally good, at least make Fong Tong Geng sympathetic.

I notice that if a series/movie pit Chan Mong Kat against Fong Tong Geng, FTG will always be the bad guy. But if it's Sung Sai Kit vs Chan Mong Kat, Chan Mong Kat will most probably the bad guy.

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