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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Charmaine at TAG Heuer fashion show

[Qianlong April 29, 2007]

Charmaine complained losing her freedom

Yesterday evening, TAG Heuer held an fashion party at 福会少年宫. Charmaine Sheh, Li Quan, Mary Ma, Yan Kuan and many TV and movie star all wore branded watch and attended the party as guests. At such public party, the stars don't mind facing media's camera any time. However, when asked about being filmed in their private time, Charmaine and Li Quan expressed objection toward media aggressive method.

Taking a break until mid May, Charmaine have good impression of Shanghai and would like to stay for another two days to have a look at Huangpu River. Asked by reporter if she will feel worried being tagged by paparazzi taking pictures of her nightlife, Charmaine's facial expression is somewhat resigning to fate, "There's paparazzi everywhere in this world, I've lost my freedom a long time ago. "Charmaine said that when she hangs out with friends from opposite sex, she'll naturally become more cautious. "Being photographed during leisure time, I don't mind anymore, because I can't avoid anyway. In addition, I don’t go out every night; they won't be able to keep following me."

* I skipped translating the rest of the article because not related to Charmaine.

Charmaine Sheh guiding newbie Man Sin

[Sina April 29, 2007]

Hong Kong TVB Dong Ka Fadan Charmaine Sheh and Man Sin (nicknamed Mini Zhang Ziyi by media) attended a party by famous label (TAG Heuer). With the nickname of "Small waisted imp", Charmaine wore a sexy low back gown and become the luminary attraction while "Little versatile queen" Man Sin wore Stella McCartney and Marc Jacobs newest collection. The two beautiful 'sisters' become the main attention of the event, attracting a lot of foreigners guest to come forward and converse with them. Regardless at cocktail party or at the event launch, big sister Charmaine Sheh and Man Sin are always side by side, with a lot of reporters interviewing them.

In addition, during interview and event launch, Charmaine naturally have Man Sin stay by her side and interacted with her, making small gestures, making Man Sin extremely touched and admiring of her.

*The rest of the article is a short introduction of Man Sin as an upcoming actress with promising future.

Here's also some news pics of Charmaine for a segment in Apple Daily Taiwan:

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