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Monday, March 05, 2007

[Drive of Life] official site + clips!

Official site:

[Drive] cast introducing official website

Credit to Raymond Forest.
Download the clip here.

Image Hosted by The clip is so funny! Especially the kissing scene NG! Lol... Ray and Feng Shao Feng look extra hot in the clips. Oh... makes me so excited to watch this series!

The official site should be up, but I can't access it. Darn - anyone can access the mainpage?

Drive updates (SPOILERS alert)

1. Character names
Jessica Hsuan as Wah Qing Yuk
Joe Ma as Ngai Wing Piew

2. Charmaine Goes For A Drive Before her Driving Ban

[Oriental Daily 03/03/07]

Charmaine Sheh has had her driving licence suspended recently for receiving too many penalty points, but before the ban was put in place, she had to rush to film her driving scenes for her series "The Drive of Life". On that night, she and Damien Lau were filming in Central and the director was very attentive to Charmaine and had even provided a stunt double for her to do the more intricate action scenes. Charmaine kept within the law and dare not speed during filming. Meanwhile, in between takes, Damian was busy texting away.

News translation credit to Em.

SPOILERS: Wonder why Charmaine undergoing surgery? Something to do with the baby?

3. Ray proposing marriage to Myolie

Ray's character have gone through a rough patch and Myolie is always there for him... but in the end, they still doesn't end up together. However, I believe they have found their true love in Charmaine and Feng Shao Feng :)

4. Many many clips!

Joe, Jess and Ray recommending best dating spots in HK

Myolie on her character Fong Bing Yee

Feng Shao Feng on his character Wah Zhen Man

Ron on his character Sin Gai Keung

There is two news I would like to announce:

1. A good news to me, but I'm not sure about you all - my folks are in town so I'll be doing some outstation travelling with them for the next 1 and half week. Therefore, I'm considered on temporary hiatus until then.

2. A really, really bad news to me is that my lovely flat screen pc monitor broke down on Friday night. The technician told me it'll take 3 weeks to get it fixed and there's no guarantee it can be fixed. That means, fixed or not, I'll have to fork out more than 130 bucks for it. He gave me an option of buying a new one (abt 400 bucks) but I have some confidence in my monitor so I said 'no'. Now I'm really crossing my fingers and hope the monitor get fixed at soonest. Otherwise, I'll have to get a new one (burning a huge hole in my already tattered wallet).

Therefore, I won't be able to translate longer articles for the coming month. I'll still do short articles though - if I can spare some time at office. Darn, my pc is headless! Argh... luckily I still got my flashdrive with me. Funny, I can't use pc at home now and yet I bought a new digital camera last night. Sigh...

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