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Friday, March 02, 2007

[Drive of Life] filming pics!


Thanks to and Kuangai TVB, I've found many wonderful pictures (and plot spoilers) of [Drive] filming. As we anticipate in the approaching airing date of July 1st, satisfy your thirst with the pictures below. Haha... I'm so excited!

A 360° full view: Charmaine Sheh vs Wing Sau Fung

: Wing Sau Fung's role is a materialistic, traditional, opportunist, works hard to climb up the social ladder kind of career woman.

: After [LWOLAP] and [Yummy Yummy], this is the 3rd partnership with Raymond Lam; therefore in terms of compatibility and understanding, we are already very familiar.

: Over time, Wing Sau Fung and Wah Zhen Pong fell in love; from bickering duo to lovers. He felt that I'm entertaining, determined to win, and pretty (Ray requested to add this in), therefore leaving a deep impression. In the series, I'm not easy to pushover; my sense of self protection is very strong, therefore to him, the more unpredictable, the more challenging it will be.

18º: It's my first time acting this kind of role. Though Wing Sau Fung's motive are not considered good, but she is really kind hearted and won't harm others.

80º: This is my second participation in a long series. Back then, I'm still a newbie, doesn't know how to 铺排 (spread schedule?), doesn't know planning to film in each episode, what to act. Till now, I will feel 'go along the flow' is the best way to handle this. Of course, I have to understand about the role’s personality and then using this feeling to act.

89º: Because this series will be aired simultaneously in Hong Kong and Mainland China, it was estimated few billions of viewers, therefore I feel deeply honored to have a chance to act as Wing Sau Fung. Hope that once the series was aired, people from inside and outside of the Mainland will know me. Hope the character will have a lasting impression in the audiences.

180º: Honestly, I've never imagined that I will be an actress for so long. This is because I'm really afraid of being bored, for example if I were to become a secretary, that is a big NO, I will be bored to tears; or even if I become a secretary, I will change to another company every year. I cannot stay too long in a same environment. Fortunately TVB is a huge enterprise, I can film a new series every two months, and in addition I enjoyed the process of filming series. In this way, I have not quitted. Till now, my roles haven't been the same, though there are some similarities, for example soft and weak. But now, I can pick my roles, especially those can be developed like Wing Sau Fung. At this stage, I still don't want to a drastic environmental change yet (leaving TVB?).

210º: Nowadays, I practice acting by watching more movies. I watch both HK and foreign films, because there is excellent acting in every type of movies. When I'm free, I will pick a source topic and develop on it. Due to the fact that I filmed more than 100 episodes every year, I have to learn more in order to develop on my acting method. On the other hand, I will try to observe the people and things around me when I'm on the street, like bus driver, salesman etc, paying attention to their working details, and then use these accumulated experience to polish my acting skills. For instance my holiday last year, I went back to Hawaii to accompany my mum, because there wasn't too much activity there, plus I'm alone so I purchased some DVDs and experience the movie from an audience's perspective. This proves to be useful for a character like Wing Sau Fung, who is both good and evil.

230º: If I have a long break, I will return to Hawaii, because I can't relax even when just walking on HK streets. At there (Hawaii), at least I can put on sandals, makeup less, wear shorts and simply stroll on the streets.

290º: After MHK pageant, I have filmed more than 40 series in nearly 10 years. With an average of four series per year, it causes me a lot of back tension and aches; long term lack of sleep, plus working long overnight shifts has results the body dehydrated and the muscles hardened. In the past, I don't have dark under eye circles, now they have surfaced, can't really hide from others. My skin has also deteriorated, I myself is quite lazy, rarely does skin preservation, only went to beauty center to do some facials. Thank goodness my skin is quite nice to begin with.

300º: For my life now, I rank family as first, career second, friends third and love comes fourth.

328º: Family is very important to me; my mum used her lifetime to raise me. Because my father passed away when I'm still very young, my mother supported the family alone, taking care of every big and small matter, until I study overseas. She even sacrificed her love for our family; a woman bringing up three children is very difficult. Though I understand her hardship, I couldn't understand that she needs love too. When I'm still studying, she once asked me if it's okay to get a new daddy, but back then I said no. Mum never brought up the topic again. Until when I've grown up, I understand what love is and regretted. Therefore I urge her to date, but she said: "But I thought you don't like it?". In the end, it was fortunate that she finally found someone she likes.

360º: Wing Sau Fung shared a deep bond with her mother Wai Cheung Ping (Maggie Chan), because she was raised in a single family and grew up dependant on her mother. That is different from me, she is the only daughter, and therefore their relationship is more intimate. In Wing Sau Fung's world, mother is the most important; she wouldn’t forsake her future husband (Ray) if not for her mother. I've filmed a scene where Wing Sau Fung slept beside her mother, which I have experienced in real life. After my father passed away, I doesn't understand 'death' as I was too young; people just told me that my daddy is not going to come back anymore. One night, I saw my mum crying under the blanket, seeing this I pull aside the blanket and said to her: "Don't cry! I'll sleep with you!" From then onwards, I slept next to my mum every night until I went overseas to study. Though nowadays I rarely meet my mum, but she phones me regularly. Another interesting thing is that we can feel each other's thought, so I believe our hearts are still together.

The finishing point of 360º, is also the starting point of 0º. I have already brought you through the full round of me; Charmaine Sheh vs Wing Sau Fung, therefore you should understand me a bit more now. I hope when you watch this series, you will use a lot of different perspectives to watch me and other cast's hard work and acting!

Image Hosted by Note: Finally updated the translation above. But now I have a messier problem - my monitor has broken down! Wahh.... sobs~.

Charmaine Sheh demanded Damien Lau and Gigi Wong to kneel?

SPOILERS: After jilting Zhen Pong (Ray) at the altar, Sau Fung (Charmaine) found herself pregnant. In order to make Wah family suffer, she threatened to abort the baby if Damien and Gigi doesn't kneel and apologize for causing her mother (Maggie Chan's) death. In addition, she also demanded HKD10 million if they want her to give up her baby.

Damien Lau's candid camera

The cast looks working together - Toby, Ray and Charmaine are very playful, striking some mischievous pose!

Maggie Chan's suicide scenes

SPOILERS: The above scene is about Maggie Chan's character commiting suicide in prison. Maggie suffered from trauma-induced dissociative amnesia and doesn't remember killing her husband years ago. The evidence slowly resurfaced and after learning the truth from Gigi Wong, she decided to kill herself to avoid dragging Damien down for faking evidence. In the last few pitures, Maggie have a touching conversation with Liu Ging Sang.

Looking forward for more news and pictures when [Drive] moves on to Beijing this month!


Helen said...

Hi Sehseh, good work! the chatbox is down, but just one quick fix - Charmaine has demanded 10 million from Daimen and Gigi, not 1 million.

Can't wait to see DOL! gotta go now!

sehseh said...

Thanks Helen!

I'm bad with numbers (blushing)

Kungga said...

Halo! i come from Thailand.

Now, I really like CharLay very much.

They're so cute the both :)

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