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Monday, March 12, 2007

Charmaine Sheh: Swallowing the rumors

[Mingpao March 8th, 2007]

Having a coy voice and being nicknamed 'Dey Jing', Charmaine Sheh has already debuted for 9 years and had rumors of disagreement with female artistes such as Gigi Lai and Myolie Wu. Otherwise it would be rumors with her male co-stars like Chilam Cheung, Joe Ma, Benny Chan, Ron Ng etc - fulfilling the saying that 'the same polar dispels while opposite attracts'. However, when Charmaine left the small screen to film movie [Lady Iron Chef] with Hacken, there were no rumors. Hacken also praised her being amicable, easy to communicate and tomboyish. Was it really us misunderstanding her? Hearing Hacken speaking up for her, Charmaine is happy but only said a simple 'I'm OK!' and did not defend herself further. Charmaine is always like this, always laid back, unconcerned and doesn't speak out fully.

Being misunderstand, one will feel resentful but Charmaine is still languid: "Those who knew me; know what kind of person I am. I won't feel upset. I haven't read tabloids for quite some time, so I don’t really knows what happened. Every time reporters asked me to verify the news, they will have to explain to me first. It's not that I'm closer to male artistes; I can converse with both male and female artistes. In the entertainment circle, I can share my feeling with Sonija Kwok and Gigi Lai, whom was rumored to be in disagreement with me." Charmaine says, news is meant to report facts; therefore those tabloids stories will not affect their sisterhood sentiments.

Enjoy being single

For the never ending rumors, Charmaine always calmly reply as she regarded them as publicity ploy and fabricated. As for selecting her life partner, she said: "There are no special requirements; the most important is that we clicked and feel happy together. Being faithful is important; this is a form of respect." For Charmaine whose having a blank love life at the moment, she frankly said that her working schedule are unsteady, she rarely goes socializing, late night partying therefore her social circle is quite narrow. Those who don’t know think that female artistes are hard to get along with; therefore it's difficult to get a boyfriend. Everything has to go along with fate. Was it because she was still young, so there's no hurry? At this, Charmaine speaks at a higher pitch: "I'm turning 32 years old soon! Not young anymore! It's not that I really wished to get married, I have passed that stage. A few years ago, I really looked forward to marriage, but now I'm really enjoying being single, there's no need to report to the other half, a lot of freedom." Since Charmaine mentioned a few years back, that was the time of her rumors with Benny Chan - could it be that they have a mutual understanding and a plan back then? What a pity, Benny Chan has found a new love and have this hurt Charmaine's deeply? Charmaine continues: "When bored and feeling unhappy, I wished for a boyfriend to lean on, being sweet to. But when working, I don't want a boyfriend to make me feel worried. There's nothing perfect in this world. Therefore just leave everything to fate. I don’t have many good pursuers now, but instead I had a lot before entering showbiz. Actually, I'm just an average person." Charmaine agree that when you have gains, there will be loses.

There are still a few months before marking her 10th year joining entertainment circle. In the past years, she had lost privacy and time to be with her family. "These 10 years, I haven't celebrated New Year with family more that 3 times because I have to work every New Year. However, it's worth it to receive recognition from others, because it's difficult to find a job that you enjoy, working in entertainment field, playing different roles, serials are very challenging. If I were given opportunity to choose again, I would still join MHK pageant and develop in the entertainment field."

Not asking for divination - Depending on oneself

After winning Best Actress and Favorite Female Character for her role in [Maiden's Vow] last year, she immediately sat on the position of 1st Sister. While there were still opportunities in the movie circle, will she expand her new career? Charmaine says: "I still have a few years contract with TVB. Whether I'd be filming more movies in the future, you will have to ask the company. I won't force anything, as no one knows what will happen in the future. I can only continuously step forward, completing my every work. For example if you asked me about how [Lady Iron Chef] is doing in box office, I have already tried my best, so the results are not in my control and worry about." Charmaine doesn't like to predict the future: "I will worship and do prayers, but never seek fortune telling. The reason is that I don’t like to set a decision on what's going to happen; one must have luck, but the most important thing is to depend on your both hands (effort)."

Being able to enter both kitchen and main hall (presentable)

Don't think that Charmaine Sheh, who just weights 100 pounds purposely diet to look attractive onscreen. When working, she may have take away orders more than 4 times a day; ordering McDonald, fish ball noodles, ice cream... eating non-stop and making people envy. "Friends envy me for not being fat even though I ate a lot. Maybe it's due to work, having to suffer overnight working have affected my body in absorbing the nutrients." In [LIC], Charmaine plays a slightly spoiled girl who doesn't even know how to cook instant noodles. In real life, she graduated from hotel management in Switzerland and knew how to cook some dishes. "My specialties are cakes and desserts, but no boyfriends have tasted them before, only my teacher. My teacher said it tasted good and praised that I have natural talent. I know how to cook Chinese dishes, but it's those common dish like soups, steamed fish, stew chicken wings and stir-fried dish." When reporter commented that whoever married Charmaine will be very lucky, Charmaine quickly widens her eyes and said: "I only know how to make the same dishes."

Then again, there are a lot of modern girls who really doesn't know cook instant noodles. For Charmaine who can enter both kitchen and main hall, what more could you ask for?

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