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Friday, March 02, 2007

Charmaine Sheh Pockets Seven Figures for HK Health Check Contract

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[Ta Kung Pao & Ming Pao 01/03/07]

Charmaine Sheh has recently signed a seven figure sponsorship deal with healthcare company HK Health Check and to mark the occasion, an event was held yesterday, where dressed in a beautiful white wedding gown, Charmaine arrived at a hotel in a Rolls Royce, where she was met by her 'groom', a handsome Caucasian male model and also the company's Chief Executive, Choi Ka Yee, who is the daughter of Toy Company tycoon Choi Chi Ming.

Charmaine says that in her work, she does not have regular meals or time to sleep, so her health is getting work, so she has been for health checks and fortunately she is fine. Before becoming their spokesperson, the company provided Charmaine with a detailed body check and she will be undergoing MRI scans with them. Asked if she was embarrassed with her gynacological checks, she says this was done by a female doctor and the centre has a females only area, so there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Her contract is for a year to start with and is worth a seven figure sum. Asked if it is at the beginning, middle or end of the seven figure range, Charmaine smiles: "It is a good happy price! (Are you happy with your Westerner groom today?) He is okay! I would not choose to marry a foreigner though."

Talking of the changes in taxation announced yesterday where taxpayers can claim a tax rebate of up to $15,000 and cut service tax for two seasons, Charmaine says happily: "It is better than nothing. (You can have a $50,000 tax break if you have children?) So you [reporters] better have kids then! (You have just earned seven figures, so you should have more kids for a bigger tax cut?) I don't want to have kids just yet. (Would you like to buy another apartment to rent out?) I already have one that I live in and one that I rent out. I don't want another one for now because I am worried about the burden."

Ms Choi indicates that she invited Charmaine to be the company spokesperson because she felt that she has a great rapport with the public and she has a healthy image, especially after winning TVB's Best Actress award. Although Charmaine has recently been given a driving ban, Ms Choi says this is irrelevant and her image is still a good one. Asked why her father was not at the event, Ms Choi says that her father is busy with his own work, but he has kept an eye on her business results.

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