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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Charmaine Sheh only admits that she is good friends with Benny Chan.

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For many years, Charmaine Sheh's relationship with Benny Chan has been ambiguous. Allegedly, there were earlier rumors that Charmaine could not withstand Benny's player attitude and thus terminated their 4 year romance. Earlier, Benny had revealed to the Taiwanese media that he had just broken off from a relationship. In a radio interview with Cha Siu Yan yesterday, Charmaine said she was unaware of the news and stated that Benny was only a friend.

Before Benny announced his new single status, did he speak to Charmaine beforehand? Charmaine denied she had dated Benny and said she was unclear as to whom he was referring to in the aforementioned break-up. When she sees Benny next time and obtains the answer from him, she will share with the press.

Does Charmaine still keep in touch with Benny? Due to Benny's absence from Hong Kong, the last time Charmaine saw him was several months ago.

Charmaine had attended the premiere of her new movie, "Lady Iron Chef" 《美女食神》with TVB executive Virginia Lok Yi Ling and Gigi Lai Chi. Charmaine's rumored boyfriend, Ron Ng did not appear at the premiere. Charmaine explained that she did not invit any friends to the premiere and Virginia and Gigi's attendance was organized by TVB.

While filming "Lady Iron Chef," Charmaine was also simultaneously working on TVB's new series, "The Drive of Life." The filming was quite hectic and often required travelling between Hong Kong and Macau. One time she had just completed outdoor filming in Hong Kong and did not get a chance to return home, but she was due in Macau for her next scenes. That was the first time Charmaine received a ride from Ron Ng, thus sparking their rumors.

Was there any likelihood that Charmaine and Ron will advance to a dating relationship? Charmaine said not at the moment. Was it because she had just broken up with Benny Chan and thus required some time to heal first? Charmaine avoided answering directly and emphasized that her career will be top priority, while stating that Benny was only a friend.

Charmaine will be planning a vacation in July. Will she be scouting for a travel companion? Charmaine will see how things go. As to her criteria in selecting a partner, the most important thing is that they get along and that he is not a player.

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Image Hosted by Hehe... Charmaine really knows how to answer their questions, even though they're making fun of her rumors with co-stars. Charmaine might have a new movie with Wong Jing - she's also planning to go on holiday coming July!

Below are some newest mag scans of Charmaine for Fashion & Beauty mag. Ain't she lovely?

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