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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Charmaine Sheh finally reveals the truth behind being ‘favored’

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[头条网 March 19, 2007]

Entering showbiz for 10 years - Non-stop rumors

One must know to survive in this 'following the popular, going against the bland' entertainment business, they need ultra determination, endurance and EQ in order to face the tumultuous rumors. As TVB Dong Ka Fadan, filming 5 series per year, this proves true for Charmaine Sheh. Gossips have been plaguing her for 10 years. Frankly, being able to receive favor from (TVB) high level executives and doted on was entirely because she uses her 'heart' to treat people and obedient to teachings. It's no wonder she always have more chances than other people.

On-screen, Charmaine Sheh had shed many tears; most of her roles are 'pitiful' character, making her image soft and pitiful. But behind the camera, she is a straightforward and tough person.

Paco: Sensational roles are always flattering. Entering showbiz for 10 years, Charmaine continues to head along this path, always crying on-screen, which seeks the sympathy of audiences. Earlier, she broke through her 'pitiful' character, acting as leading actress in Wong Jing's movie [Lady Iron Chef] with Hacken Lee.

Charmaine: I really did film a lot of 'crying' series. Actually, I'm not fond of it, because it makes people feel very sad and down. Instead, I've only filmed comedy once, it feels very happy, because everything is focused into being funny, making the atmosphere cheerful. The first time working with Hacken, the truth is I didn't know him at all. I thought he was a serious person, but it turns out I'm wrong. Though he doesn't smile when talking, very serious, but his style is quite funny, plus the wig he wore in the movie; really never saw that for a long time, wearing long hair with refined manners, make people want to laugh at first glance.

Entering showbiz for 10 years, as TVB Dong Ka Fadan; apart from handling tremendous work schedule, Charmaine have to face continuing rumors. Charmaine was lucky to have a good boss like Virginia Lok to share her troubles with, they are like best friends.

Enjoying the process of 'savoring' script

Paco: Charmaine has always immersed in filming series. For the past 10 years, she has only filmed 4 movies. Don't mention about mainland capitalized series, when bringing up work, Charmaine said she really enjoyed the process of filming series; at the same time really wish to film movie. She wants to film series in mainland China, but unfortunately her schedule doesn't allow her choices.

Charmaine: I like filming both movies and series. The differences between the two are that in series, you can take in the scene slowly; savoring the script and the time spent is much longer. As for movie, the time is tight, filming one scene after another, the time is very rushed, there's not much time to digest the scripts or atmosphere, because movie is a concentrated version, while series can be spread longer. The experience is really different. For example, singing; I'm really interested, but it's not up to you to sing as you please. You need to spend a lot of time practicing. Though I really want to spend time to really learn singing, I don't have the time at all.

Close relationship with Miss Lok

Paco: I knew Virginia Lok for many years. After joining TVB in 2003, only then she learns in management work. During these several short years, she becomes close to artistes. A manager taking care of so many artistes, it needs a lot of time and concern.

Charmaine: Actually, my relationship with Miss Lok is not as simple as boss-subordinate, we're also good friend. We can discuss about our worries, work, private life, happiness or unhappiness etc. Of course everyone's busy, we can't meet often. As soon as there is opportunity to chat, Miss Lok tries to understand our needs as artistes, such as our views? Where to expand further? She put full effort into every artist, helping us to seek opportunity, unearthing our potentials, all these are very difficult task because the company has many artistes.

Laughing at the rumors of disagreement

Paco: Working for TVB for 10 years, Charmaine won 'double TV Queen' awards last year for her series [Maiden's Vow], giving her a powerful aura. When one is popular, naturally there will be more rumors; fighting for favor, rumors of disagreement following one after another. Her 'nemesis' starts from Sonija Kwok, moving on to Myolie Wu, Gigi Lai etc. Being attacked from front and behind, it's unavoidable that she treads carefully.

Charmaine: I feel that saying 'no' to the rumors once or twice is already enough. If you don't believe, it's ok, I won't bother explaining so many times, nor will I intentionally guard against it. Because we really can't guard that much, if you defend yourself, people will say you are pretentious, you are faking. If we're not on speaking terms, why attend my movie premiere? The first one rumored to be in disagreement with me is Sonija. The truth is, we haven't started filming [PITNOL], and we basically don't know each other. Afterward, we found ourselves having a lot in common; we don't bother much about other things, rarely pay attention to tabloids, and we become best friends. Fighting for favor? Actually, Miss Lok treats everyone well, I really don't know why people would say that. I don't feel that she has partiality.

Mentioning Myolie Wu, Charmaine admitted they doesn't know each other well, but praises each others talent.

Speaking about disagreement rumors, Charmaine pointed out if she was really on bad terms with Gigi, why would she attend [LIC] premiere? Of course, Gigi is not the only one giving face; Miss Lok also took time to attend.

About gossips, fighting for favor, Charmaine always smile in response, using 'good sisters' to describe her relationship with Myolie and Gigi.

Myolie Wu is very capable, Gigi Lai is dependable

Paco: Last year, it was said that Charmaine and Myolie, both hailing from MHK pageant, fought tooth and nail over the "Best Actress" award. However, in Charmaine's eyes, there's only mutual admiration and encouragement. Even Gigi, who was recently rumored to be fighting for favor and screen time, is also her 'good sister'.

Charmaine Sheh: I'm not too close with Myolie. Entering showbiz for so long, we only worked together this year in [The Drive of Life]. Before this, we can consider as working together in [Lady in Red] album, but we did not get close. It's only when filming current series that we got to know each other better. Though we don't share many scenes together, I can tell you that she is very nice, determined and strives to excel. Everything she wants to do, she will achieve it smoothly. About Gigi, we worked on many series, therefore there's a deeper mutual understanding. Traveling together a lot means more time in being together, sometimes we chat about our troubles. Though we have yet to become soul mates, at least we can share secrets and problems.


Sehseh: Sorry, the pics quality isn't good. It's a pity because I like Charmaine in that white jacket. Sigh… Anyway, the interview above is with Paco, whom is a famous (or infamous you might say) music producer and singer manager. He groomed the career of popular Cantopop singers such as Miriam Yeung, Leo Ku etc.

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