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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Raymond Lam: Better to Arrive Early and Wait

*Added Feb 8, 2007

Credit to Bape from Raymond Forest.
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[The Sun 07/02/07]

With earlier reports that his lateness upset Jessica Hsuan, Raymond Lam was filming with Jessica and Joe Ma yesterday in a wedding scene at a Beverly Hill Villa. There seemed to be no animoscity between them and they chattered away happily without any awkwardness and even posed for the press together. Talking of the earlier incident, Jessica refused to comment on gossip and Raymond said: "In order to avoid this kind of news again, I would rather work a little harder and arrive early to wait for others. To prove this, I have not been late for a whole month. (Were you embarrassed when you met?) There has never been anything between us."

This is the third time that Jessica and Joe have got married in a series and Jessica says: "We have 'married' so many times that there is no feeling in it any more. It is such a headache, so when I get married for real, I will not do anything big. I like things to be simple, just inviting a few relatives and friends for a meal." Still single, Jessica admits that she does not have time to find her other half and she will leave everything to fate. Joe indicates that when he married his wife, they did not take any wedding photos.

News translation credit to Em.

Sehseh: Nice picture! Jessica and Ray looked like the bride and groom in the pictures above. I wonder where is Joe's pic?

More update on [Drive of Life]:

Found some wonderful filming pics posted by yoyochenyoyo in Raymond Forest. Credit to 超级苹果网.

Charmaine & Ng Wai Kwok:

Ray & Myolie:

Sehseh: Hmm... seems like a cliché scenario of Raymond bumping into old flame Charmaine, with his new girlfriend Myolie.

Edited Feb 8: Nah, I was wrong. They were working for different scenes. Check out my newer news update on this few post above.

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