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Friday, February 02, 2007

Myolie Wu & Charmaine Sheh Have No Plans for Valentine's Day

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[Source: Singtao, the Sun, Appledaily]

Charmaine Sheh, Myolie Wu, Raymond Lam and Damien Lau Chung Yan were filming "The Drive of Life" yesterday. The scene spoke of Charmaine and Raymond investing in real estate properties and earning a large profit.

Valentine's Day is approaching in another 2 weeks. Although Myolie and Charmaine are rumored with Bosco Wong and Ron Ng respectively, both actresses indicated they do not have dates on Valentine's Day.

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Myolie said, "No one has asked me out for Valentine's yet! But I do want to receive flowers from a mystery [man]! I don't have to know his identity!"

Damien said humorously, "Only flowers? Whoever wants flowers, just write me a list and I'll buy them!" Charmaine laughed and said, "Please give me a bouquet as consolation as well!"

When reporters pointed out to Charmaine her alleged break-up with Benny Chan Ho Man after a 4 year relationship and the recent rumors with Ron Ng, she said coyly, "That's just what the press wrote!"

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Raymond Lam does not believe that good buddy, Ron, is dating Charmaine. "The photos of Ron and Charmaine were very blurry and nothing happened. Earlier, I also gave Charmaine a lift home. It is very normal for co-workers to give each other a ride home!"

Raymond is also not worried that rumors will start between Charmaine and himself either. "I have been filming with Charmaine for 3 months for 'The Drive of Life.' already. Charmaine is not my type."

News translation credit to Jayne.

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Sehseh: A big thank you to Jayne for translating the article. With my throbbing headache, I actually have no mood for translation this morning. Luckily I found the translation from Jayne Stars.

Here's some related pics and article scans of [Drive]. Most of them are gossips related so I won't be translating:


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Feng Shao Feng

Pics from Not much related with [Drive], but the article says that after [Drive], Feng Shao Feng will be filming his debut HK movie directed by Johnny To and starring across Eason Chan and Miriam Yeung. His character is a biscuit trader and is fishmonger Eason Chan's love rival.

Extra: Charmaine at Besilke event last week

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