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Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy Piggy Year!

Wishing everyone a Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year!

Hehe... Hope you'll get loads of red money packets this year. I'd like to notify that there won't be any updates until coming Wednesday (Feb 21, 2007). It's time for me to relax, eat plenty of food and stick myself in front of the TV (be honest, isn't that what we mostly do during CNY?).

I've just watched The Lady Iron Chef last night. Thanks to 8TV, I've won four premium tickets to the premiere at GSC, One Utama last night. Since I had to collect the tickets earlier at 8.30pm (the show starts 9.30pm), I rushed over straight after work (but still, the traffic is nightmare!). Along with the tickets, I also received the LIC red packets. It's still nicely wrapped in plastic at home because I was tired after rushing for the last train back home.

Anyway, back to the movie. How should I say it? To be frank, it's a very 'mou lei tou' (nonsense) movie - a true blue Wong Jing's movie. I won't be watching this if it weren't for Charmaine. Ah... the harrowing things that I'll went through for her.

Erm... sehseh, that terrible meh? Well, the answer lies in your preference. For me, I went there knowing very well that this is a slapstick comedy cum and exaggerated acting fest. However, the movie does have it own highlights and entertaining moments - watch out for the whole Hacken kidnapping fiasco, that was hilarious. Another plus point is that Charmaine look very pretty in almost every shot.

My verdict: Watch if you are Charmaine's or Hacken's fans, or if you want a no brainer slapstick comedy movie.

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peggy jean said... got to watch it? lol! i was hoping wong jing would have turned a new leaf since wo hu but i guess not...*sighs*

but thanks for letting us know how it was! i'm going to watch it for hacken and charmaine anyway...(you're right, the things we put ourselves thru for our idols!)

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