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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Happy New Year from TVB and Lucky Packets Galore!

[The Sun 19/02/07]

Happy New Year! Now, where are my lucky packets? In the new year, whether you are giving or receiving Lucky Packets, it is a happy occasion and TVB held its New Year celebrations yesterday and Liza Wang handed out lucky packets and even promised to give them out to the audience. Charmaine Sheh and Myolie Wu handed out $20 packets to the crew, but among the most generous was Margie Tsang, whose packets contained $100 notes!

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TVB had a celebratory show at TKO TVB City to welcome in the year of the Pig, attended by TVB boss Sir Run Run Shaw, who was in good spirits accompanied by Miss Hong Kong Aimee Chan and Miss Chinese International Sarah Song, and hosted by Liza and Margie and the two 'big sisters' went along with the tradition of handing out lucky packets and in this her first new year after her return to TVB, Margie was especially generous, handing out $100 notes in her envelopes to the cast and crew members.

During the show Myolie became the brunt of many jokes and in the game show spoof of "Is Pig Right?", the host asked Margie if her boyfriend was 'Kenneth Pig' and Carlo Ng immediately replied: "Her boyfriend is Mr Ma. Myolie's boyfriend is Mr Wong." This left Margie a little lost for words, but afterwards she said she did not mind: "Maybe he thought I was a good sport. It is new year so it doesn't matter!"

The two leading ladies of last year Myolie and Charmaine showed their own 'big sister' status by handing out $20 packets and earning the respect of everyone. Myolie says that she likes to hear the greetings: "Gain Popularity and have Good Health!". Asked if she has bought any plum blossom this year, she smiled and did not reply. Charmaine handed out her packets to everyone and many people referred to her as 'Big sis Sheh'. She smiled: "It is quite good to see me handing out lucky packets. Usually it is me going out grabbing them at the new year! Once I managed to get 100 to 200 in one day!"

As for Carlo and Michael Tse who are married, they played the 'evasion' game and when people greeted Carlo, he said: "I don't know where I have put my lucky packets!" before speeding away.

Bosco Wong took part in an event on the eve of the new year and asked if he would be having a reunion dinner with Myolie, he smiled: "She is not part of my family! (How about visiting?) I will not go with her, she does not have lucky packets to give. Maybe I will go and visit Michael (Miu) instead." Although not yet worried, Bosco still handed out lucky packets to his fans just to make everyone happy!

News translation credit to Em.

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