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Saturday, February 24, 2007

[Drive] resume filming in CNY

The Wah family filming on set

Clip credit to Bape from Raymond Forest.
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Saw your favorite Wah family member above? There's the cute (and hunky) Ray and Feng Shao Feng, the playful Jess, Michael and others...

Charmaine filming pictures
Here's some nice pictures of Charmaine taken in a park while filming. Credit to YAHOO HK BLOG.

Mag scans: Airport scenes

Scans credit to Ron Online.

Summarized translation: TVB rented a spot in HKIA to film arrival and departure scenes for the series. Filming actually took place in midnight.

1. Because Michael was feeling unwell, he had to cancel filming a scene with ICAC next morning. However, as they can't change the schedule for filming at airport, the director arranged for Damien and Michael to film their scene first. After 30 minutes, filming ended and Michael returned home to rest.

2. Jessica arrived very early, around 2am. Earlier, she filmed some studio scenes and went back home to watch TV before coming to the airport. She appear to be relaxed and said her scenes are just conversation scenes, so they should be able to finish quickly.

3. When Ron arrived, he appear to be exhausted and asked Jessica to borrow her makeshift chair to rest. He was seen using eyedrops and explained that he has just finished filming ICAC scenes from this morning. As he still has scenes next morning, he want to take the opportunity to rest. He is also seen chatting with crew members. When Charmaine arrived and passed by, their just give a curt nod 'hi'.

4. When Charmaine sees Joe, she went over and joked with him. When they saw reporters, they smiled and parted ways. Jess, Charmaine and Ray are in the same filming team that day. Before filming start, they rehearsed their scripts and even joked around. Being spouses in the series (at first I thought it was misinterpretation by the reporter, then I notice Ray is wearing a wedding ring in Damien's accident pic - if that was from his engagement with Myolie, it should be worn on the ring finger instead, but I could be wrong), Ray and Charmaine worked very well together, plus Jess co-operation, they finished filming quickly without much NG.

5. When asked about her rumor of dispute with Ray, Jess said it was just gossip and they worked well together. After filming, Jess and Charmaine left together.

6. Even though there were rumors between him and Toby, Ron does not feel embarrassed together with Toby. When asked if he's purposely keeping a distance from Charmaine, Ron denies and says that he was about to film when she arrived. As for Toby, she is his onscreen partner so it's natural that they hang out together.

7. Myolie arrived early for her scenes and reporters asked if filming is difficult for her. Myolie says it's just a brief conversation scene. While she waited for Ron and Toby to finish their scenes, she played on her PSP. Afterward, she filmed her scenes with Ray.

No Riches or Romance for Jessica this year!

[The Sun & Oriental Daily 24/02/07]

As the saying goes, when your gambling luck is down, your love luck goes up, but this is not the case for Jessica Hsuan, who not only lost money at Mah Jong in the new year, there is no romance in store for her either.

Jessica, Damian Lau, Joe Ma and Raymond Lam were filming earlier for "The Drive of Life" and Jessica indicated that whilst playing mah jong with her family over the new year, she was the only loser to the other three people, losing over a thousand dollars. When asked if she has found romance as a result of this, she says: "I have no one in pursuit at the moment. (Have you bought any plum blossom for romance luck?) I did in the past few years, but it didn't work." As for whether her family are rushing her to get married, she immediately shook her head and denied this, saying that her family are very open-minded and tell her not to marry until she has found the right man. The scene they were filming was of Damian rolling down some steps after being hit by a car and although a stunt double was used for the scene, it was still rather ominous for the new year period. However, as actors the cast cannot be too superstitious.

Also, Michael Miu, Toby Leung and Sheren Tang were also back filming for "Drive" and they were all very pleased to have had a few days break over the new year. Sheren says: "I can finally be a normal person again and do all the new year traditions, such as having a reunion dinner, going visiting with my mother on the new year and meeting up with old friends and receiving lucky packets." Filming at a luxury villa, Michael laughs that this is a good omen and should bring fortune for the new year. He was happily handing out the lucky packets as he says: "I won $80,000 from quiz show 'Is that Right', then when I visited Andy Lau over the new year, I won another few thousand dollars, so I have been handing out lucky packets to everyone and buying dinner for the cast and crew, so I have spent about a six-figure sum so far. Bosco Wong visited me over the new year, but he came on his own. I will let him deal with his own rumours, but I gave him advice to keep people guessing because you need rumours in order to become famous."

News translation credit to Em.

More pictures:

Sehseh: The cast will be heading to Beijing and Ningbo next month! It seems that filming parts in HK will be wrapping up in another two weeks.

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