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Sunday, February 04, 2007

[Drive of Life] filming updates

Warning: Some plot spoilers below

Raymond Lam Shoves Myolie Wu Out of His Car

[Mingpao, Appledaily, the Sun]

Myolie Wu and Raymond Lam were filming for "The Drive of Life" yesterday. In the series, Raymond was dumped by Charmaine Sheh and he resorts to drinking to temper his sadness. Myolie advised him to turn over a new leaf. However, the drunk Raymond shoves Myolie out of his car instead!

Myolie commented, "The scene required me to fall on my hands and knees and then roll over on the ground. But Raymond was quite considerate, as he only shoved me lightly. He was afraid that I would get hurt."

Raymond said, "I only shoved Myolie lightly. But Myolie was not used to the car, the vehicle slid backwards. The situation was a bit dangerous. Luckily we were able to control the situation and successfully complete filming."

Raymond plays a rich guy in the "The Drive of Life" and reporters teased that he is playing himself in the series. Raymond indicated that his character is very extreme in the early part of the series and found the role difficult to portray as his real-life personality is quite stable.

Since there were other moving vehicles nearby during the filming of the scene, the situation was quite dangerous. She was scared since she was not accustomed to filming action sequences. Although Myolie wore knee pads for the scene, her hands were unprotected and became red and swollen after several takes.

Myolie revealed that her character is hurt frequently and deeply by Raymond. Luckily she finds true love in the end, as she will pair up with a mainland actor.

More pics:

Sehseh: Wow, looks like dangerous stunts to me! Too much moving vehicle around filming location! Anyway, from the spoilers, it seems that Myolie will end up with Feng Shao Feng. Her character nearly get married with Ray midway, scroll down to view the new scans.

Jessica Hsuan Walked Off Set When Raymond Lam Arrived Late for Filming?

[The Sun]

There have been recent rumors that Raymond Lam Fung often arrived late for filming "The Drive of Life." Yesterday, Raymond was late for an outdoor scene with the punctual Jessica Hsuan, who walked off set angrily after a lengthy wait. Allegedly, even TVB's executive management and Poon Ka Tak, the producer of "The Drive of Life" warned Raymond about his frequent lateness.

Reporters contacted Raymond for further clarification. At first he denied the lateness rumors, but later changed his tune. "'The Drive of Life' is 60 episodes and filming will take 6 months. There is a chance that each actor might arrive late for filming. The production for this series is quite rigorious and there are numerous veternans involved, I do not dare to be late!"

"However perhaps there was some conflict with the time schedules. Each artist tries his best, but there will always be some minor mistakes!" (Did Raymond receive a warning from TVB executive management?) "No."

How is Raymond's relationship with Jessica? "Pretty good. In the past, we shared the same manager, so we had an elder-sister, younger-brother relationship. Jessica really takes care of me."

Reporters also asked Jessica if she had walked off set due to Raymond's lateness? Jessica did not respond directly, "I don't want to talk about it, implicating in more rumors."

Is Raymond frequently late for filming? "Each series will have different filming problems. I don't want to discuss it further." (Is Jessica's relationship with Raymond awkward?) "No, we don't have any problems working together."

Producer Poon Ka Tak could not be reached for comments.

Both news translation above credit to Jayne Stars.

Sehseh: Hmm... it is possible that Ray are late for filming but I think the news is blown out of proportion. My memory is not too clear, but if I'm not mistaken, Jessica - Maggie rumors of discord back then were also stemmed by lateness issues. Jess is a professional and even if she is unhappy with other casts being late, I don't think she would walk out of the set just like that.

Raymond Lam, Myolie Wu Sweetly Look at Wedding Photos

Secretly Wanting to get Married

Myolie Wu and Raymond Lam were at a wedding shop in Tsim Sha Tsui filming for series The Legendary Era. The scene talks of the pair of lovers flicking through the album and choosing a wedding gown. It turns out that Raymond Lam was only going out with Myolie Wu because Charmaine Sheh hurt him; Myolie was only a substitute!

On the day of filming, Raymond and Myolie had conversation and good laughs with each other when they were in the wedding shop, and when Myolie was flicking through the photo album she was so happy that her hands were practically dancing. The two of them appeared to very sweet. Myolie has worn wedding gowns in series numerous times, asking whether she’d get tired of wearing this wedding gown, she said, "I won't be tired of it! Because each time the scene is different! (Then when do you plan to get married?) Not that quickly, I'm still young now, but I'd think about it sometimes. I definitely won't get married secretly in the future, I hope that my wedding can be a grand one!"

Many people express that it's bothersome organising a wedding, but Myolie, on the other hand, loudly objected, "Earlier I helped out with my sister's wedding, even though it was very tiring, but I was very happy! (Aren't you scared of it being bothered?) No, after all, it’s a once in a lifetime thing!"

Substitute for Love

In the series, Charmaine dumped Raymond, and afterwards Raymond found Myolie to be the substitute for Charmaine. The two didn't manage to get married in the end. When asked whether he would hope to be loved more by his lover or if he'd want to love his lover more, he said, "Both! But it should be given by both parties, there’s no such thing as one party liking the other more. The most important thing is to like each other and understand each other."

Images credit to c from Translation credit to Winter_Stargirl from The Beehive.

Sehseh: In case anyone is wondering, [Legendary Era] is the alternative english title for [Drive]. I can't help but dislike Ray's initial character in [Drive]. He's too selfish for stringing Myolie's along, when he doesn't really love her. But at least Myolie got a really good match in the end - the equally cute Feng Shao Feng. I wonder if Charmaine will end up with Ray, because there's too much bad blood between their families...

Last but not least, here's another clip of [Drive] cast filming in Beijing:

E-News: Raymond Lam filming in Beijing

Clip credit to Bape from Raymond Forest.
Download the clip

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