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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Charmaine's driving license suspended for 6 months

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[The Sun 27/02/07]

After having her licence suspended for three months in 2003 for unlawful driving, Charmaine Sheh found herself with the maximum 16 penalty points again and had her licence suspended again as she was banned from driving for six months. Wearing a red top and jeans, Charmaine was accompanied by two girlfriends at the Kwun Tong law courts, where she was noted to have amassed 16 penalty points between 15th May 2005 and 4th May 2006, so the department of transport have suspended her licence. Also, the judge noted that she did not notify the department of transport within 72 hours of moving house and warned her that she would be receiving another subpoena shortly.

With her hands in her pockets as she answered the court, Charmaine indicated that her new home was in North Point and she will provide the department with her new address details as soon as possible. After the hearing, Charmaine says: "During my ban, I will be taking public transport to work and may consider hiring a driver, but I will be working outside of Hong Kong in Beijing filming for 'The Drive of Life' soon, so it should not make too much difference."

Charmaine's Spirits not Affected by Driving Suspension

[Ta Kung Pao 28/02/07]

Charmaine She was interviewed yesterday by the E-buzz programme and she was asked about the judgement made against her to suspend her driving licence for six months after reaching 16 penalty points in less than a year.

Asked how she was feeling on her first day of being unable to drive and whether she is adapting to this, she says that yesterday, she was just promoting her film, so they provided transport and there was no problem. Will it be inconvenient for her not being able to drive? She says: "I still ride in a car." Will she ask a friend to be her chauffeur? She says she will be filming on the mainland for a month and a half soon, so she believes she will not be affected too much. Asked if she has to re-take her driving test after the suspension period, she says she does not and she will regain her licence again in six months time. However, she is still longing for this time to pass quickly.

Asked if she has been to have her fortune read in the new year to find out about forthcoming romances, Charmaine says she has not because she is afraid of it being bad and it making her unhappy. Hwoever, she would like to take a summer vacation this year because she feels it will be particularly hot this year. Last year she took a break as well and she was very happy. Will she accept filming an ancient drama in the summer? Charmaine says she will try to avoid it as she would like to take time out to spend with her mother.

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Image Hosted by What can I say leh... She needs to be more careful on the road! We all know that she's a speed demon, but wish she will be more cautious while driving, both for her and other's safety.

No ride to work? I'm sure there's plenty of offers. Perhaps now Ron would have a valid excuse to give her a ride. Hehehe... just joking. Everyone's scared of rumors anyway.

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