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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Charmaine visiting foot massage parlour

[Apple Daily]

Since dumping old flame Benny Chan, Charmaine Sheh continue to be lucky in love. Apart from her recent rumored boyfriend Ron Ng as her chauffeur, last week she had steamboat with an trendy cap wearing male companion and later went to have foot massage together at massage parlour. All the way she was smiling. Who said it is end of the world for women who lost love?

After having a clean break with old love Benny Chan last year, Charmaine's recent life have become more colorful. With the heated rumor with Ron Ng, then last Tuesday she was accompanied by a trendy cap wearing male, going to two places in one night. On that evening, Charmaine wore a short skirt and long coat and a glimpse of her lovely white thigh were revealed as she strolled. Along with a trendy looking male who wore a cap and several other friends, Charmaine headed to Causeway Bay to have steamboat meal. Around 10pm everyone left together and head toward their own cars. At that time, Charmaine drove her own Benz accompanied by a female friend while the cap wearing male went on another car.

The highly alert Charmaine drove toward Happy Valley and after letting her female companion down from car, she drove toward Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital carpark. Afterward, she met up with the cap wearing male companion at the street and strolled to a nearby popular foot massage parlour and signed up for 90 minutes massage. When leaving, Charmaine remain alerted and wore sunglasses. The male companion left via taxi while Charmaine drove back to her home at North Point.

Yesterday, Charmaine said on the phone: "Yesterday went to have meal with a group of friends, afterward went to a foot massage parlour. The male is just a friend. Previously I've been busy filming series and movie, therefore I didn't rest well. During the meal, someone brought up about going for foot massage, so we went together to have foot massage."

Sehseh: That's about it. Just a normal article about Charmaine hanging out with friends, though I suspect the tabloids tried to dig up something but failed. Just let Charmaine enjoy her life, in private please. No one wants to be watched like fishes in aquarium all the time.

By the way, she was wearing those trendy denim shorts, not miniskirt. I have few pairs too, they're really comfy :)

Mentioning friends, here's a recent news clip of Charmaine attending Grasshopper's concert. Calvin Choy is one of Charmaine's pal :)

Credit to Bebe from
Download the clip

Bebe from have also kindly scanned Charmaine's newest ad for Afontane. The theme is wedding based, using 'Lady in Red' as title.

Afontane ad clip

Credit to Bebe again!
Download the clip here.

Note: Remember to check out TVB CNY card and also [Drive] filming pics of Ray, Myolie & Charmaine below! Oh yeah, I added Part 2 of Charmaine's cameo in Regalia Bay too!

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