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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Charmaine Sheh seize opportunity to shop

[Apple Daily]

After Myolie Wu transformed from "Fei Tin" back to pretty slim girl, she is recently busy filming TVB new series [Drive of Life]. However, yesterday when she was filming a dating scene with Raymond Lam at Causeway Bay, the crowd mistook her for Tavia Yeung and praised that she look really pretty in person. Seems like Fei Tin's image has left a deep impression among audiences.

Yesterday Myolie Wu, Charmaine Sheh, Raymond Lam and Ng Wai Kwok appeared at Causeway Bay's bustling street to film TVB new series [Drive]. Four of them are divided into two filming team and attracted nearly 100 passerby to surround them. The atmosphere is very lively. Raymond who was accused of frequently late, was filming a dating scene with Myolie. The crowd standing nearby was pointing at them, when someone suddenly praised loudly: "Tavia Yeung look quite young in real person, look pretty on onscreen." Though being complimented as pretty, but being mistaken as another actress, wonder if this is joyful or worrying for Myolie.

Soaking with sweat

The day during filming, the weather has become warmer and after several NGs, Ray and Myolie are sweating profusely. Ray who like to look good signalled crew members to pass him some facial oil absorbing tissues. Seeing this, Myolie doesn't want to lose out and used some as well.

On the other side, Ng Wai Kwok and Charmaine filmed a car ride scene in a convertible Rolls Royce. At the scene, a lot of housewife fans took pictures of Ng Wai Kwok using their handphones and complimented him being youthful and take care of himself well.

Seizing the opportunity to shop

Due to the harsh sun, during her resting time Charmaine cleverly went to a nearby shop to enjoy air conditioning and also take the opportunity to browse at clothes. As she browsed through the new clothes on display, she said: "Whenever I film series, I don't have time to do shopping, therefore if I have a little free time, I like visit nearby shops and see if there's anything to buy." When asked whether she's playing Ng Wai Kwok's love interest, she said: "No, we are business affiliates, therefore today's scene is about us discussing together in the car."

For more pictures of them filming the scenes above, go here. I have also added a clip so you might want to check it out. Ray and Ron are so cute in there!

Sehseh: Seems like the filming is progressing well. They are expected to finish filming HK's part by early March and then continue filming at Ningbo and Beijing, Mainland China till May.

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