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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Charmaine Sheh becomes spokesperson for Hong Kong Health Check and Laboratory

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[Oriental Daily Feb 22nd, 2007]

Hong Kong Health Check and Laboratory invited Charmaine to be their spokesperson, holding a grand ceremony next week.

In modern day, packaging is important for selling products. It is very common to appoint famous stars as their spokesperson. However, so a personal service like health examination, it is indeed special to have a spokesperson. Hong Kong Health Check and Laboratory (0397) has appointed Charmaine Sheh as their first spokesperson and will hold a grand unveiling ceremony next week. Company CEO Choi Ka Yee even will drive Charmaine to her health checkup on a multi-million sportcar.

Choi Ka Yee became 'chauffeur'

Reportedly, HK Health offered a huge seven figure fees to invite popular leading actress Charmaine Sheh as their spokesperson. The company says that city life is very tense and lacked exercise. Using the concept of disease prevention, the company devotes to provide a centre for health examination services.

Choi Ka Yee will be making an appearance as the chauffeur for a star. This would not be a difficulty for the 'crown prince', as he is doted by his father, toy mogul Choi Zhi Ming, surely he have lots of expensive cars for ladies, with plenty of experience. It was sure that the scene of Choi Kai Yee chauffeuring Charmaine next week will be very attractive.

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