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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Terimee 2007 Calendar

A huge thanks to Patricia, who took the time and effort to scan this year's Terimee calendar. All credits to Patricia and

More scans from Terimee (again, credit to Patricia):

Hmmm... couldn't help but think that she should gain a few pounds instead. With her schedule, it's near impossible but I hope she will eat more and gain back some healthy weight.

Schedule update:

Though Charmaine is not attenting Astro Drama Award this weekend, she's keeping her time occupied ;) In addition of being one of the panel judge for Miss Chinese International Pageant, she will also attend a store opening in Guangzhou and later back in Hong Kong. Those who are interested can check out her updated schedule at my lower left sidebar area.

More mag scans and picture:

1. Charmaine and Raymond filming in [Drive], when she almost crashed into him:

Credit to Qeggegg from

2. TVB Mag 500 creative cover by artistes:

Credit to Bebe from

3. The pics are from a tabloid magazine, the article is a waste of our time so let's just admire Charmaine sexy legs here, ok?

I have also updated the MCI interview news along with clips below, so don't forget to check it out. Looking forward for my next update!

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