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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Miss Sydney Sarah Song Crowned Miss Chinese International 2007

Charmaine's excerpt from the news:

Aside from this, judge Charmaine Sheh revealed that Sarah was her choice for the winner, but she would not indicate directly why Aimee did not win: "She was quite calm and very gracious. (What did she lose on?) This year, the other contestants were very strong and were good at everything."

[The Sun 21/01/07] Translation credit to Em.

More pics:

Sehseh: Ohh.. I like Charmaine in pink. Too bad I didn't subscribe to Astro, that means I would have to rent the pageant if I want to watch it. Those who watched it, was it good? Or just plain yawn fest?


shehster said...

She sure looks good in pink but that dress doesn't flatter her. Somehow the style just doesn't suit her as it seems to make her look thinner and 'flatter'.

Charmaine seems to have lost some weight recently or my eyes are giving way?

Bob said...

Here is the list of Miss Chinese International 2009 contestants!
Who will be the next???

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