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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Charmaine Sheh: TVB highest earning artiste


2006 is about to end and it is time to release report cards for the year. In the TV industry, two time award winning actress, Charmaine Sheh Si Man was the TVB artist that earned the most money, raking in approximately $7.2 million (HKD).

Bernice Liu Bik Yi secured the #2 spot, earning approximately $5.6 million (HKD) while Roger Kwok Chun On came in third place, with approximate earnings at $5 million.

Gigi Lai Chi and Kevin Cheng Ka Wing also secured spots among the top 5 highest earning TVB artists in 2006. Gigi earned approximately $4.2 (HKD) million, while Kevin may have taken home over $1.1 million (HKD).

Charmaine Sheh

Charmaine moved from Sai Kung to a luxury apartment in Happy Valley and revealed that she had to pay 7 figures in taxes, indicating her exponential income in 2006. Charmaine signed a contract with TVB this year which allows the company to share profits in artists' earned income via outside ventures.

The Breakdown: (all sums are in HKD)
$2 million - 「雅芳婷」wedding ads
$4 million- 3D Gold spokesperson, ribbon cutting ceremonies
$1.2 million- approximate fee for filming TVB series
Total: $7.2 million

News translation credits to Jayne.

Sehseh: $7.2 million?! Wow, that's huge! (Okay, not that sigficant compared to Hollywood counterpart but hey, it's quite a sum in HK/China TV circle) $1.2 million is really a measley fee, considering the tremendous amount of series Charmaine filmed per year. With her current status in TVB, I'm sure there's increase in her salary but I doubt that it even reached Kenix or Jessica's paycheck - yet.

By the way, I've found and translate a section of Ray's interview with Singapore newspaper regarding Charmaine:

Image Hosted by


Recently, Raymond Lam is busy filming 60 episode series [Drive of Life] until May 2007. He is acting as Charmaine Sheh's boyfriend in the series. The duo has collaborated thrice, and during previous interview, Charmaine was asked to comment about her impression of Ray: "Same, a handsome guy." Asked if she was "electrified" (charmed) by Ray, Charmaine jokingly asked: "Shouldn't you ask him whether he's charmed by me?"

Ray replied: "Of course! Does she have to ask this? We have worked couple of times together, the difference is that the previous one was a costume series, while now is a modern series."

Sehseh: Lol... Ray's quite funny, because he teased Charmaine back in the interview. I'm not present at the interview, but his replied could have meant: "Of course, since she's asking!" Sort of like jesting that he's semi threatened. Kekeke...

I'm still having problem uploading pictures due to the crawling internet lines, so there's a lot of pictures I couldn't upload here. For example, the gorgeous Malaysian chinese magazine [Newtide]:

Mag scan credit to Patricia @

Those who saw the magazine scans in will know how gorgeous and classy she look in the pictures. Chanel dresses really fit Charmaine well ;) I'll be doing a translation for the scans, so do look out for them!

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Anonymous said...

That's not a lot at all. For a top earning TVB artist, she's making less than 1 million US dollars. And Keven made around 1.2 million HK dollars which is around 170k US dollars? That is a lot according to normal people's standards but for someone in entertainment, I don't think it's much at all. Specially when everything in HK is so expensive.

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