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Friday, January 12, 2007

Charmaine Sheh Nearly Hit Raymond Lam With Car


Despite Charmaine Sheh's petite frame, she is a "hot pepper" when it comes to driving.

Charmaine and Raymond Lam were filming for new series, "The Drive of Life" yesterday and the scene spoke of her driving and hitting Raymond with the car.

What was pretense for the plot almost became a near accident, causing Raymond to cry out, "I was very scared!"

In Charmaine's past automobile accidents in real life, she was driving BMW cars, the same brand of car which was used for yesterday's filming. For the scene, Charmaine had to pretend that while driving, her car nearly hit Raymond.

For certain shots, it was unnecessary for Charmaine to actually be in the car herself, requiring only a stuntsperson to drive instead. However, Raymond volunteered to be the driver, "Let me try; I know what to do!" Raymond's driving skills were seasoned and the scene was completed easily.

Before it was required for Charmaine to appear before the camera again, she volunteered to take control of the wheel. The production crew members were on alert and carefully watched over her. Perhaps it is due to this careful scrutiny that caused Charmaine to become overly nervous.

In her first practice attempt behind the wheel, Charmaine hit a road sign, while during the second attempt, she nearly hit Raymond. Although there was still a reasonable distance between Raymond and the car, but he still joked, "I was very scared!" But it was obvious from Raymond's expression that he was not truly startled.

When it was time to actually film the scene, Charmaine's car passed Raymond's body and did not cause any dangerous harm. The scene was completed successfully.

From 2000 to 2002, Charmaine had several car accidents. One time in Tsim Tsa Tsui, Charmaine was driving a red BMW and in trying to avoid a taxi, her car crashed into a lamp post leading to a neck bone injury. Another time, Charmaine was rushing to work and while driving a black BMW, she had a traffic accident. Fortunately she was safe and sound through both incidents.

News translation credit to Jayne Stars.

**Added Jan 17, 2007:

Mags scans credit to Qeggegg from

Below is an interview clip of Raymond during [Drive] filming in Vancouver:

Fairchild TV Interview

Download credit to Bape from Raymond Forest.
Download the clip here.

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