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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Charmaine Sheh & Kevin Cheng's Plans for 2007

[The Sun 31/12/06]

10,9,8,7... 2007 is nearly upon us and it is time to plan our life ahead of us again. TV Queen Charmaine Sheh and TV King Kevin Cheng look back on 2006 and look forward to 2007, where they resolve to bring more fun into each month and share here their plans.

2006 was a rewarding year for Charmaine and her career has been recognised. However, on the day of the awards ceremony, her mother was rushed into hospital with internal bleeding and in a coma, making her feelings very mixed. After the sadness, she now hopes to find her true love. For Kevin, his work is going well, but he did injure himself playing tennis and he realises that everything has to be done in moderation. Looking forward to next year, he hopes that he can buy a property.

January - New Year Party Girl

Charmaine: "I will be filming a movie with Hacken Lee, where I play a very greedy Mongkok girl and I hope that this will give everyone a fresh image. This is one of my new year wishes."

Kevin: "I wish the readers good progress in the new year and good health. I will do more sport in the coming yeard and keep myself healthy."

February - Surprise Time

Charmaine: "I hope that a lover will appear for Valentines Day and I can have a day off then and make him a heart shaped steak. If there is no lover, then I will work and spend it with my colleagues."

Kevin: "Of course you have to give a surprise to the other person on Valentines Day! If you usually go out to eat, then take this chance to cook yourself and give a little surprise."

March - Big Plans for Spring

Charmaine: "In spring this year, I should be filming in Beijing, Shanghai and Ningbo, so I will be very busy. I hope that I can find candied crabapples there because they use strawberries there and they are very fragrant and leave lasting memories."

Kevin: "I have always liked to do sport, so I don't like the rain. When it is humid in spring it is very dirty and I don't like that sticky feeling. However, we have to pass through this period before we see the sunshine, so I will decide my plans for the year in spring and then work hard to achieve them."

April - Beware of Liars

Charmaine: "I think I should still be working, this time I will not waste the chance and I will eat all the delicacies in the area. I am so happy when I think about it."

Kevin: "Few people celebrate April Fools Day, but remember not to believe anyone on the 1st April! If it is a beautiful lie that makes people feel better though, then that is okay."

May - Not Working on Birthday

Charmaine: "Every year on my birthday 28th May, I only get half a day off. I hope that I can have the whole day off this year and celebrate with my friends because I like a good atmosphere."

Kevin: "I have never tried Dragon Boat Racing, so I will be getting fit in May ready for the race in June and keeping a strong body."

June - New Fashions for Summer

Charmaine: "Summer is here, so of course I have to go shopping for some new outfits. Every year I will only buy the expensive clothes that I need, so I will not spend frivolously."

Kevin: "Every year when I buy clothes, I will be asked why they all look the same and when I check in my wardrobe at home, I realised that they are! I think this year I will have to change my tastes."

July - Sunshine Sales

Charmaine: "I hope to go and visit my mother in Hawaii and have a long vacation."

Kevin: "I love sunshine and sandy beaches, sunbathing and relaxing."

August - Learning to Cook to Seek Vengeance

Charmaine: "I plan to apply to learn how to cook Western food. I remember when I was at school I came last in a dessert making competition, so I would like to win for once."

Kevin: "Last year on my birthday on 15th August, I received many presents. This year, my birthday wish will be to buy myself an apartment and be a property owner."

September - Looking for Love at Moon Festival

Charmaine: "I did not have any mooncakes last year, I hope that this year there will be someone to share a mooncake with me and then play with lanterns and enjoy the moonlight."

Kevin: "I used to have a courtyard at home, where we could sit as a family and enjoy the moon. My mother is from the North, so she makes sweet dumplings and Shanghai snacks that I miss so much."

October - Hiding for Halloween

Charmaine: "It has been a long time since I celebrated Halloween in Central. There are too many reporters there and I feel that they are ready to ambush at any time. Please don't bother me, I will hide away to celebrate quietly."

Kevin: "I remember I dressed up as Johnny Depp in Edward Scissorhands and it was really great because no-one recognised me."

November - Anniversary Pay Rise

Charmaine: "Of course I have to look my very best for the anniversary. As for winning an award, then I will leave it down to fate."

Kevin: "TVB's birthday, I hope that the quality of productions keeps going up and the ratings also keep rising, so everyone has a pay rise."

December - Christmas in Japan

Charmaine: "It has been ten years since I went on vacation at Christmas, so I hope to be in Japan for Christmas in 2007."

Kevin: "When I was young, I have written a card to Santa Claus, but I just hung it on the Christmas tree and would not send it out, but I was still very happy."

Translation credit to Em.

Sehseh: Happy New Year everyone! Charmaine and Kevin looked picture perfect, especially the first one.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI have mixed feelings when I found out that Charmaine is going to have a Chinese New Year movie with Hakken Lee and Yuan Qiu. Of course I feel happy hearing the good news, as Charmaine last movie was Blue Moon (2001).

Then the bad... the director/producer is Wong Jing. That means 2 hours of nonsense, slapstick comedy. Sigh... we are know the movie is just cashing in on its stars' popularity, so for the sake of seeing Charmaine on the big screen, I'll just hand over my brain at the entrance of the cinema.

The tentative title for the movie is 美女食神. Filming just started yesterday and the movie will be released on first day of CNY, which speak volumes of the quality (1 month plus for filming + post production?!).

Judging from Hakken's interview, it seems that he'll be pairing up with Charmaine. Hmmm... couldn't imagine them together, but I'm also curious how it'll turn out.

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