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Friday, January 05, 2007

Charmaine Jilts Raymond at the Altar

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[Ming Pao 05/01/07]

TVB's new series "The Drive of Life" was filming earlier at the Gold Coast Hotel in a scene where Charmaine Sheh leaves Raymond Lam jilted at the altar on their wedding day. The grand scene involved many of the show's leads including Jessica Hsuan, Michael Miu, Myolie Wu, Sheren Tang and over ten extras, showing the extravagance of the rich family and the grandeur of a white marquee brought back thoughts of Cathy Tsui's fairytale wedding.

Charmaine's scene is one where she is seeking revenge for her family, so she leaves Raymond's family in a highly embarrassing situation, refusing him on their wedding day, appearing not wearing her dress and then saying on stage that the two families will never co-exist, playing her part with the utmost emotion. Asked about her own future wedding, Charmaine laughs: "Of course it won't be like this, but there will be a party in Hawaii with my mother. I like it to be simple, but I will tell everyone. It is a little far off, I have to find a boyfriend first!"

Raymond was working feeling unwell, sporting a sore throat and a husky voice. He says: "They will dub over it later, I was out of sync with my lines earlier, but everyone is very professional and continued to film." Have you ever dreamed about your own wedding day? "I hope that I will be like Hacken and have sponsors. This is my first ever wedding scene since I entered the industry and it is unsucessful, but I am not afraid of this happening in the future, there is still a lot of time ahead."

News translation credit to Em.

More pictures from Ent.Tom:

Image Hosted by Ouch! That must be hurtful to Ray's character. And getting jilted in his first (modern) wedding scene... too bad Charmaine doesn't wear a wedding gown in the pic.

I personally feel that Sau Fung's (Charmaine's character) action in jilting Bong (Ray) at the altar is heartless, not only to him but herself since she truly loves him. Plus, it's supposely his family that wronged her mother, I doubt this 'humiliation' is considered as big revenge to them. Why not get married into the family then wreck them apart? Wait... ah that role already taken by Joe. Oh well :P

More [Drive] update:

I found and translated Feng Shao Feng interview in 电视剧:

Reporter: How's your character in [Drive of Life]?

Shao Feng: "He's quick witted, and quite expert at sales. The personality is more straightforward. In the series, I portrayed Ray's first cousin, we have a lot of scenes together, Liu Ging Sang portrays my father. In the beginning, I worked as a salesperson, but because there is some problem occuring in car factory, I went back to help. The whole Wah family dreams of car making, so everyone unite to build it. Before this my relationship with Ray is very close, but later he bankrupted everyone's money, and I have to bear the debts by myself. After that I feel he is not trustworthy, thus creating conflicts."

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Raymond and Myolie filming emotional scenes:

News translation can be found at The Beehive.

Ron Ng, Michael Miu and Toby Leung filming:

News translation can be found at Jayne Stars.

Added Jan 7th, 2007:

Jess, Joe and Damien filming in Beijing

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