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Monday, January 08, 2007

Charmaine and Hacken dating caused uproar in Mongkok

[Apple Daily]

Hacken and Charmaine dating has caused some uproar in Mongkok. Actually, they're just filming a dating scene in CNY movie [Beautiful Food Goddess]. In the same night, Hacken changed his image from an old fashioned rich guy to a blond MK look and shopped with Charmaine. With the appearance of both Most Popular Male Singer and Best TV Actress, a big crowd gathered in Mongkok. There's even a lady who climbed on her husband shoulder in order to catch a glimpse of the stars. Hong Kong citizens are really curious, those who doesn't know would have thought they were giving out money.

Caption: Hacken and Charmaine holding hands on the street. If it weren't for filming, it's almost impossible to happen in reality.

Recently, Hakken and Charmaine are busy filming for Wong Jing's Chinese New Year movie [Beautiful Food Goddess] 《 美 女 食 神 》. Yesterday the duo filmed a dating scene around Mongkok's Sai Yeung Choi Street and Shantung Street. Due to the appearance of Popular Male Singer and Best TV Actress, they attracted more than hundred of onlookers who surrounded them. The scene was chaotic and a part of the road was blocked, unable to pass through.

Caption: Hacken wore a false wig and thick eyeglasses for his rich guy image, looking extremely old fashioned. After some transformation by Charmaine, he changed into a blondie MK look, totally compatible with her.

The story talk about the old fashioned Hacken, who is from a rich family, unexpectedly met MK chick Charmaine and was brought to shop in Mongkok and changed his image to a blond MK guy, so in the end they look very compatible. Hacken's rich guy look was very old fashioned and funny. He wore an old fashioned wig with long fringe that reached his brows. In addition he put on a thick eyeglasses and black suit, and there were several white powder marks on the suit.

Around 9pm, where Mongkok reached it golden hours, Hacken and Charmaine filmed some shopping scenes at some watch, clothing store and restaurant. While filming scenes in the restaurant, Hacken almost ordered every snacks in the restaurant, stuffing full with fishballs, cow's haslet etc.

Meanwhile, a crowd gathered until it reached 6, 7 lines to watch filming. Standing at the last line, a lady couldn't see and climbed on her husband shoulder to look at the stars. Some in the crowd saw Charmaine wearing a miniskirt and commented that she's to skinny, and she would look better onscreen with more weight. A lot of fans also used their handphones and digital cameras to take pictures.

To avoid further hindrance in filming, the crew cordoned off the area with black cloth. Because of the chaos created by the crowd, filming only took around 20mins for every scene. Afterward, both of them were escorted by their assistants to a privately booked cafe to rest.

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Sehseh: Hehe... I don't think HK people are particularly curious (or termed 'nosy' by the article). All humans are curious and outdoor scenes being swarmed are quite common.

Charmaine look pretty in the miniskirt, though I personally think she should increase her weight. The pic of her and Hacken wearing sunglasses are quite funny. Can someone explain the MK to me? I know it's a fashion slang/term but I'm a bit outdated in younger fashion trend (ahemm).

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I'm finally convinced that I'm a TVB news junkie. Sigh...

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