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Friday, January 26, 2007

Cha Siu Yan blog: Little sister Charmaine Sheh

Note: Cha Siu Yan (查小欣) is a famous radio DJ of CRHK. The artistes usually call her Siu Yan Jie on her talk show. I've found her blog article in Baidu and translated it:

Little sister Charmaine Sheh

Among the clouds of TVB little sisters, Charmaine Sheh is most straightforward. Don't think that because she has a coy voice, she likes to whine. In contact with her, she is willing to reply directly, in addition no limit in conversation. She is a bold and judicious female artiste.

A lot of artistes kept their mobile number highly secretive; Charmaine will generously inform and say: "Call me anytime." She's not merely talking, every time we left a voicemail, she will definitely reply. Her 'phone ethic' is extremely good, and she always reply every question.

No matter what questions asked, be it her romance with Benny Chan, or rumors of her gambling and selling flesh to settle massive gambling debts, she will answer. She never needs to inform her assistant or manager beforehand, doing the most irritating action like requesting not to ask this and that.

Regarding those endless superficial rumors, she is already used to them. "I'm not even upset, since gossip like selling flesh to settle gambling debts can also appear, what else is new. I simply don't gamble, I barely have enough time to sleep, where do I have the time to gamble in Macau?"

Last year TVB's anniversary award, Charmaine was a hot favorite. Asking whether she would like to win "Best Actress", she frankly said: "Of course." She won't (politically correct) say "Being nominated is already like winning", "It's alright winning or not, as long as enjoying the journey" those kind of universal answers.

Asking more sensitive question: "After receiving the award, will your fees increase?" A lot of artistes will evade answering, throwing the weight to their managers by saying "This will have to ask the manager" or "I also don't know". Charmaine straightforwardly answer: "After receiving award, the fees will be increased 4 to 5 percent, it's quite nice."

Regarding artistes' taboo questions about taxes, she will still answer. "It feel painful if have to pay more than million." Being imposed tax of this amount; this year's income should be around 8, 9 million. All this sweat and blood money was exchanged using youth, sleep, health and privacy.

However, Charmaine is not a shortsighted artist who only favors money. In order to film TVB-CCTV collaboration series about 10 th anniversary of HK handover back to Mainland China , Charmaine declined two Mainland series, losing approximately 3, 4 million dollar fees. She feels that it's not a big loss: "It is rare opportunity to take part in handover commemoration series, money can always be earned back in future. " Not a single word of complaint, no wonder TVB favors her.

If reposted, kindly give due credit.

Sehseh: This is a very nice article of Charmaine. I have listened to Siu Yan talk show with other artistes before and her interview are quite entertaining. Anyway, it's cool that Siu Yan Jie have such admiration for Charmaine.

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