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Friday, December 29, 2006

Vote for your TVB Top 10 Star

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Who is your favorite TVB artiste?

Now is the chance to vote for your idol! Netmovie is currently holding a nationwide (China) poll for the most popular TVB artiste.

How to vote:

1. Go to the link below. You don't need to register:

2. Click on the small box beneath their pictures.

Important: Remember to vote for Charmaine! Now, you must vote a total of 10 votes, so you can vote for 9 other artistes as well. However, try not to give all the votes to actresses only, because that will make Charmaine's ranking remain the same among actress group (as they also gained votes).

3. Confirm your vote. Click on the green box as per shown:

After voting, you will be taken to the results area. There's no limit to how many times you can vote, so hurry and vote for Charmaine whenever you can! Show 'em the power of fans!

Sehseh: We'll be having public holiday in Malaysia until Wednesday, and with the internet connection still haywire due to earthquake in Taiwan, I won't be online until I'm back to office on Wednesday. For those who's too lazy to read international news, here's the reason why you can't access to and other asian sites. (link). From the news last night, it seem that the repair will take up to 3 weeks. Sigh~

Therefore, I'll be seeing you guys/gals next year, unless I can't resist the temptation to sneak online!

May you all have a Blessed and Prosperous 2007!

Till then, party on but don't drink too much :P

(The mesg above is dedicated to those above 18/21 years old. Don't want parents to ban their 'underage' kids from my site. Lol...)

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