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Thursday, December 07, 2006

On set: [Drive of Life] filming in Ningbo

Credits to Bebe from

Download the clip here

Arrival pics at Vancouver:

Credit: Melangel (left pic), Stormrider0610 (right).

The reason why I did not repost the pics here is because I respect the wish of the owner not to do so. If you want to view all the pics, kindly go to the link below:

Stormrider0610 (high quality, must see)

Melangel (mostly Ray's pics)

p.s. Since bbs has been going erratic recently, I can't access to Charmaine's pics or download. Therefore, please be patient and I'll post up the pics as soon as things resume normal.

From the forums, it seems that the crew will be filming in Downtown, Aberdeen, Port Moody (not confirmed). Charmaine will be returning to HK around Dec 12, if I'm not mistaken. Poor cast, they're filming autumn scenes in the freezing winter...

Image Hosted by

By the way, Charmaine is featured in HK Men's Uno (Issue 45):

Be Cool - 慢熱 佘詩曼

How long does it take for HK mag to arrive in Malaysia? Two weeks? Since Men's Uno mags pics are very nice, I'll keep an eye out at mag stands and grab a copy when it's out. Hopefully, there will be mag scans available soon!

Added Charmaine and Joel Chan's duet in Glittering Days:

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