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Sunday, December 03, 2006

First Annual Artistes Awards Results

Charmaine's interview

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Scoop news coverage

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[Ta Kung Pao & Ming Pao 02/12/06]

My Favourite Male Singer:
Gold - Leo Ku
Silver - Andy Lau
Bronze - Eason Chan

My Favourite Female Singer:
Gold - Joey Yung
Silver - Miriam Yeung
Bronze - Kelly Chen

My Favourite Group:
Gold - Twins
Silver - Softhard
Bronze - S.H.E

My Favourite Music Newcomer:
Gold - Vincy
Silver - Myolie Wu
Bronze - Charmaine Sheh

My Favourite Male Movie Actor:
Gold - Andy Lau
Silver - Louis Koo
Bronze - Tony Leung Chiu Wai

My Favourite Female Movie Actor:
Gold - Miriam Yeung
Silver - Sammi Cheng
Bronze - Karena Lam

My Favourite Male TV Actor:
Gold - Raymond Lam
Silver - Roger Kwok
Bronze - Bosco Wong

My Favourite Female TV Actor:
Gold - Charmaine Sheh
Silver - Ada Choi
Bronze - Myolie Wu

My Favourite Stage Artiste:
Gold - Louisa So
Silver - Jim Chim
Bronze - Adam Cheng

My Favourite Model:
Gold - Kathy Chow
Silver - Lin Chilin
Bronze - Gaile Lai

My Favourite DJ:
Gold - Sammy Leung
Silver - Jan Lamb
Bronze - Yip Man Fai

King of Votes - Andy Lau

After taking two awards at this year's TVB Anniversary Awards, Charmaine Sheh has beated 'Fat Tin' Myolie Wu to take the award for My Favourite Female TV Actor at yesterday's inaugural Annual Artistes Awards 2006. Raymond Lam won his justice over Kevin Cheng by taking the award for Favourite Male TV Actor.

Eleven award categories were presented at the event, with Andy Lau and Charmaine both taking two awards. It has been a fruitful year for Charmaine this year, as she also took the bronze award for Favourite Music Newcomer, which came as a surprise. She said: "This year has been a very happy one. (Lots of rewards?) Of course! However, I will continue working hard because to stay on top is harder than getting there." After winning five awards this year, is this enough for Charmaine? She smiles that if she can she would like a few more and hopes that she can break into the Mainland awards. She would also like to take a holiday though becaue her family have come to visit her in Hong Kong, but she has not had time to spend with them and it has been many years since they spent Christmas together.

There are rumours that she and Benny Chan have ended their four year relationship, but Charmaine points out that they have always maintained their friendship, so there is no such thing because they have never dated before. She will be filming in the Mainland at Christmas, so does this mean that potential dates will not be able to invite her out? Charmaine laughs that if she has time she would rather spend it with her family.

Raymond Lam beat Ron Ng, Roger Kwok and Kevin Cheng to win the award for Male TV Actor and after finally winning this award, does he feel justice has been served? He smiles that he hopes this time he will not be a 'surprise entry' for Liza for getting into the top five. He says that he has filmed two series this year and 'La Femme Desperado' was the more memorable one for the viewers. He will continue to work hard filming and he still has three or four series in hand that are yet to air. Raymond will be heading out to Beijing shortly to film for "The Drive of Life" and with suggestions that co-star Joe Ma has had scenes cut from this show due to his playboy image, Raymond says he does not have many scenes with Joe, but the roles have been pre-determined already. Talking of his good friend Ron also being caught out recently with Ella Koon being photographed outside his home, Raymond laughs he is unclear about this and he just goes out to eat with his friends usually.

Translations credit to Em.


Mentioning of Charmaine and Ray, below is some magazine scans of them filming romantic scene in [Drive of Life]:

Credits to Crunchster, Helen and Jupi from AsianFanatics Forum.

Prior to the award presentation, Charmaine attended an opening ceremony of a shopping mall:

Sehseh: Congrats Charmaine! It's such a great year for her :)

Added new clips to [Glittering Days] song collection.

p.s. If anyone wonder I'm not around every Saturday, it's because I try not to online. Basically, I 'm online 8-10 hours on daily basis, my face is starting to look like a pc screen. Just joking but you get my meaning. Anyway, with my company annual just a week away, I'm doing my last minute dress hunting. It frustrate me when those sales assistant keep shoving black little dresses in my way. No offense, but black little dress + layered chiffon look like a nightie to me. I found one gorgeous gold dress, it was pricey (nvm, I can still afford) but they only have S size. So in the end, I found another white halter-neck dress. Now I need a pair of heels to go with it. Gosh... headaches. Kind of a waste of money since I'm only wearing it once and in the drawer it goes :p

I have yet to list my annual Xmas wish and New Year resolution. Will post that up later. Anyway, the first thing I'm going to do to usher in 2007 is to trim my hair short. I'm wondering why everyone would gasp "No, don't cut it short!" when I mention about it. I've been keeping my hair long for 4 years (my longest record is elbow length) and my current hairstyle is exactly like Charmaine's in [Drive]. I want something refreshing, so I'm going to say goodbye to my long locks and have them trimmed above shoulder length - tomorrow. Bet I'm gonna give my colleague a good shock on Monday. Kekekeke....

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