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Friday, December 22, 2006

Concerts, concerts!

I just got tickets to Justin's concert coming Christmas Eve. I'll be seating in Block C, so wave if you see me!

Details of Justin's concert here

My main gripe is the venue - it's going to be held in The Mines. For a transport-less people like me, you will understand how difficult it was to travel from KL to there, especially after the concert, it'll be past midnight and the cab fare will burn a huge hole in my pocket. Staying Palace of The Golden Horse is definitely out of question (around RM380 - 400 per night) - I could buy Rain's concert ticket with that money.

Speaking of Rain, he will be having his concert in KL on January 27, 2006 at Bukit Jalil Stadium. I'm hoping to strike it lucky by getting free tickets like Justin's (thanks, sis! Muahh!), but I am also prepared to spend my cash on them, if necessary. In other word, I must attend it.

Info on Rain's concert here

Justeen fans, see you at the concert!

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