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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Charmaine Sheh is named as one of Four Top Chinese Females 2006

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[Ming Pao 20/12/06]

At the entertainment awards held on Monday in Beijing, Charmaine Sheh joined Ruby Lin, Liu Yifei and Vicky Zhao in the line up for the "Year's Top Four Female Stars Award". To win such a prestigious award alongside some of the mainland's top names has certainly boosted Charmaine's market value. Although the temperatures in Beijing are at -5 degrees C, the stars still defied the cold as they appeared in their elaborate outfits and Charmaine wore a low cut backless dress.

In response to winning this award, Charmaine smiles: "I am very honoured and very happy. (Do you feel pressure from winning so many awards this year?) No, the most important thing is the work I have in hand and I hope that next year I will meet with more great scripts. (What hopes do you have for next year?) I would like to do a stage show because I have turned one down this year because of my schedules and I hope that after filming 'The Drive of Life', then I will have another opportunity, however I am afraid because on a stage show, you can't have any NG's."

Translation credits to Em.

More pictures at Ent Tom:
Red Carpet
Award Presentation
Press Interview


1. Charmaine's Red Carpet entrance

2. Charmaine presenting award to Fan Bing Bing

3. Charmaine, Liu Yi Fei and Ruby Lin accepting their award

Sehseh: I was hoping for her to wear something more colorful but seems like she fell in love with black and white gowns recently. But it's okay, she look splendid in them, especially this one.

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