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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Charmaine Sheh Finally Admits She Had Dated Benny Chan

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Source: Takungpao, Xinhuanet, the Sun

Charmaine Sheh Si Man was a special guest at a ribbon cutting ceremony for a gold store in Mongkok. Charmaine wore a ruby necklace valued at over $1 million (HKD). This is Charmaine's sixth time working with the store and indicates that her fee was increased satisfactorily.

For 2006, Charmaine owes a 7 figure sum in her tax filings. Will Charmaine have to pay even higher taxes next year? Charmaine does not dare imagine it, "It's very terrifying! I still have not paid my taxes yet!"

Charmaine received numerous awards this year and her compensation should have increased accordingly. Charmaine said happily, "I have additional ribbon cutting events, commercials, and a movie in discussion. If they all work out, then I don't mind paying more taxes, as this is every resident's responsibility."

Earlier Charmaine participated in six ribbon cutting ceremonies and attended several promotional events in China. Her workload has steadily increased since winning the Best Actress Award.

Each time Charmaine attends a [jewelry ribbon cutting], the store would give her free jewelry as gifts. "I have more than ten [necklaces] at home, valued at more than $10 million. If I were to get married, then there's no need to buy additional jewlery!"

Reporters asked when Charmaine will get married? She laughed and said she is not dating currently. Mr. Right should be kind-hearted, filial, and be motivated. Charmaine has not met a man who has all the combined qualities.

What about Benny Chan Ho Man? Charmaine pretends to be serious and said, "We are only friends, so I never studied [whether he had those qualities]."

As a friend, how does Charmaine see Benny? "He can be more stable!" (Is Benny too playful?) "There's nothing wrong in wanting to have fun. But as a friend, his private life and personality are his personal choices. If I were to choose a boyfriend or husband, the guy does not need to be handsome nor rich. As long as he can take care of himself, that's fine."

Additional Tidbit from the Sun:

Appearing on Stephen Chan Chi Wan's "Be My Guest," Charmaine admitted that she and Benny Chan have dated in the past. But due to the paparazzi's pressure and Benny's frequent absence from Hong Kong, their relationship ended early.

Translation credit to Jayne.


Pics of Charmaine's event on Dec 1st:

Sehseh: Want to know what Charmaine really say about her relationship with Benny? I'll be posting [Be My Guest] clips in a moment, so do remember to cone back and check it out!


Arrica Lee said...

Cool!Charmaine Sheh finally dated Benny Chan!I wonder how they ever met up?They never act together did they?However I do love Charmaine with Julian Cheung Chi Lam..they are the best..

Prisy said...

Very excited to know that Benny & Charmaine used to date! They looked very sweet & compatible being a couple.

So disappointed that they actually broke off. Does anyone know whether they are still thinking of each other even though they go separate ways? Will there be a possibility that they will patch up again?

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