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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

TVB Anniversary Award Top 5 Best Actor and Actress

Update! Favorite Male & Female Character, and Favorite Host

Moses Chan dropped out, while Charmaine Sheh nominated for two role

Charmaine Sheh was gained two spot at Top 5 Best Actress award nomination for her two series [DOP] and [MV] while Moses dropped out from the Top 5 Best Actor list. However, Moses did not express disappointment.

[Apple Daily]

Every year in TVB anniversary award, the Best Actor and Best Actress award receive the most attention. Reportedly, the results for this year's Top 5 Best Actor and Actress is out, with Charmaine Sheh nominated to spots for her role in [DOP] and [MV] respectively while Moses did not make it to the top 5 for Best Actor category.

TVB Anniversary Award will be held on coming Friday (Nov 10) and TVB has released the results according to the votes and in addition, the judges team will decide the award using the voting result as a guideline. In short, audiences vote have a pivotal role in determining the result.

It is reported that the votings result for Best Actor and Best Actress result is out. In the fierce competition of Best Actress, the nominees are Myolie Wu [TGWL], Ada Choi [DOP], Sheren Tang [LFD] and hot favorite Charmaine Sheh with two nomination for [DOP] and [MV]. Her chance of winning are higher than other nominees and in addition, her role in [MV] have the highest odd of winning in online betting site, with the rate of 2.1, thus her chance of winning are really high.

Kevin Cheng feel honored

As for the Best Actor category, the Top 5 includes Joe Ma [MV], Kevin Cheng [UTCOL], Adam Cheng [BB], Damien Lau [MIP] and Bowie Lam in [DOP]. Instead, Moses who has always been strongly promoted by TVB did not make it in the Top 5.

When mentioned that she was nominated for two spots in Top 5, Charmaine excitedly replied through the phone: "Huh? Really? So happy! Hope I can maintain in the Top 5 position! I'm really thankful for audiences' support, no matter if I win or not, I will still feel happy. I will work harder on my series, at the same time I hope you all will like Liza, Roger and my new series [Glittering Days]. Actually, the other nominees for Top 5 are really good. Being able to be nominated into Top 5 together with them, I'm already happy enough."

On the other hand, when Kevin Cheng was interviewed on the phone: "The others (nominees) are my seniors, including Adam, Damien and Bowie. I'm honored to be nominated along with them in Top 5, this is such an honor. Before this, I've said that this year was a fruitful one for me, so being nominated is already happy enough. I do have confidence, though I'm at ease with whatever the outcome may be." About not making it into Top 5, Moses replied on the phone: "I won't feel disappointed or unhappy, instead I feel happy for the others that made it. In short, I will continue to do my best in my work!"

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Sehseh: I know a lot of people (anti-fans having a field day :P) complained that Charmaine got two top spots and TVB should cut one out and replace with other actress.

1. TVB is obvious but they're certainly not that tactless. If there is other actresses that is as good as the other Top 5 (acting + others merits like popularity, output etc), they would have been in Top 5.

2. The Top 5 are the results of votes send in via online and forms from TVB mag. TVB executives and judging team has not made any decision yet. You might say TVB 'make horse' but I believe fans of other actresses ain't dead - they still vote. If other actresses were so good, surely there's significant vote to propel them to the top, right?

3. Honestly, there are other good actresses in terms of acting but I can't think of anyone as outstanding as the Top 4 (that meet all conditions above). Sure, I can put in Melissa, Tavia etc. but feel adding them is like a slot filler for the 5th spot. What's the purpose of that? Adding them just for the sake of filling spots?

4. I think I'm going to receive hate mails for this: Don't go bashing Charmaine just because your preferred actress didn't make it. At the end of the day, it's all down to the audiences vote. Where are you?

There, I said it. Send in the hate mails now :P

Other headlines today....

Celebrity "Deal or No Deal" raises money for Charity

Image Hosted by

[Ta Kung Pao 07/11/06] - Translation credit to Em.

TVB game show "Deal or No Deal" held a special Anniversary charity celebrity event for its third show that was filmed on Sunday, where host Michael Hui was joined by members of the "Glittering Days" cast, inclduing Charmaine Sheh, Roger KWok, Sharon Chan and Lai Lok Yi. Together, they won $160,000, which they donated to the Tung Wah Hospitals.

Charmaine said beforehand that she felt that this was a very meaningful event because so much money went to charity and she would do her best to win as much money as possible. During the test run, her luck was quite good and this gave her more confidence to play the real game. Host Michael is Charmaine's idol and she praised him for his quick wit and hopes to work with him in the future. Roger was also very confident, because he was very lucky in previous game shows. Talking of Lydia Shum's discharge from hospital, Roger is very happy about this and laughs that he would like to go for tea with her. As for Sharon in the supporters group, she played an important part and she hoped that they would win two or three million dollars.

Sehseh: I feel happy for Charmaine, hope she really win this year. Aza aza, fighting!

p.s. I have translated some magazines featuring Charmaine, please scroll down to previous post to read.

1 comment:

Funn Lim said...

I remember this situation some years back where Sammie Cheng was nominated twice in the same category. She ended up losing. But I think it is more because she can't act but gets nominated because of some freak accident.

Now Charmaine ... being nominated for 2 series in the same category is going to hurt her rather than help her. What is fans are torn between two votes? So they ended up dividing their votes which mean Charm will end up getting lesser vote for each character. I think it is ridiculous that she gets nominated for 2 roles; for one it is as if she is such a fantastic actress no other actresses comes close. Hate me for saying this if you will but it's more about popularity less about credibility. Next is like sidelining other actresses. This TVB awards is to me like giving out pork so that to appease for lack of bonus perhaps. It's like TV congratulating themselves for a job well done. Ok, fans votes are important. There is I am sure an element of TVB votes themselves. Do they take into acct TVB artistes themselves voting in the same category?

As long as fans give you an award, it remains a popularity contest whether you like it or not. If voted by peers it would appear more credible, not that THe Oscars were always right but that is why it is so prestigious.

I think if TVB is serious about this award thing, they should take into acct

1., fans votes
2. peers votes
3. press votes

The one with the highest number combined with these 3 must be nominated and win. To call these award Best Actor and Best Actress is misleading. Best I know is subjective but best means they're the great ones in the given field of expertise but some are questionable. Of course fans will argue until kingdom come their idol is so great and such. I am guilty of that too since what is best is subjective. But is this award for acting honours? TVB seems to be slowly evolving the awards into something like sayyyyy Emmy awards, making it a serious awards show by first changing the titles, giving it its own time slot and even focusing on stars choosing their wardrobe. The last few years were I wear the biggest jewels, now perhaps the most branded goods. But the awards system is still flawed AND secretive. We know little, we know nothing. How sure are you your votes are counted?

Which is why best or no best there is no credibility. Whoeever wins will be a consolation for fans that ahhhh my idol the best but look closely it is just another empty pork given for the sake of publicity. Probably viewership for the awards segment during the anniversay was so good TVB must create a separate show perhaps which is good because I have been arguing for that for a long time.

So let's enjoy the show and whoever's favourite stars who have not been nominated at all, take comfort it is in the end a mere popularity contest. Just blame yourself for not voting just as hard. BUT I must say sometimes some do deserves a mention, only too few are actually mentioned.

Best of luck to Charmaine. If I am her fan, I would concentrate my vote on ONE series, that may guarantee her win instead of splitting the votes.

Also all those rumours abt why certain artistes are having dinners with executive. I think it is ridiculous that this is for pulling votes. For one it would debunk the idea that this award show is primarily fan voting and therefore fair. It just shows that it is stil within TVB's hands to manipulate the votes which I believe is true. Dinners with executives are normal. The stars need to suck up to someone because big brother is abt caste system. You can't back the wrong horse and you're not that big a star to ignore these executives. TVB's most powerful people are the producers who are the executives. Dinners are normal. I may not be surprised there may be some hanky panky for some stars. Who knows, life is hard, more so as an actor in TVB. I am just shocked to hear nowadays the stars are earning enough to merit a 8 figure tax form. It means ads and stuff are pouring in even if you're a TV star. That is a good sign i suppose.

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