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Saturday, November 11, 2006

TVB 39th Anniversary Award Result

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"Shine" - Shannon Noll




for her jubilant win for

Best Actress

Most Favorite Female Character

Note: A special thanks to Triumph2004 for uploading the clips

"I thought that after receiving the Most Favorite Female Character Award, I would not get another award tonight. I really thought that I would never receive the Best Actress Award. When I started in the industry, critics said I had a chicken voice and that I didn't know how to act. I am very happy to receive this award today. I did not disappoint my family and those who have always supported me!" - Charmaine's emotional acceptance speech

Results and acceptance speeches credit to Jayne:

Lifetime Achievement Award: Chung King Fai
Best Actress Award: Charmaine Sheh ("Maiden's Vow")
Best Actor Award: Kevin Cheng ("Under the Canopy of Love")
My Most Favorite Male Character Award: Steven Ma ("Safe Guards")
My Most Favorite Female Character Award: Charmaine Sheh ("Maiden's Vow")
Best Series: "La Femme Desperado"
Best Supporting Actress: Shirley Yeung Si Kei ("Always on Standby")
Best Supporting Actor: Kenny Wong Tak Bun ("Dance of Passion")
Most Improved Male Actor: Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming ("The Herbalist's Manual")
Most Improved Female Actress: Linda Chung Ka Yan ("Always on Standby")
Best Commercial Trailer: 2006 Miss Chinese International
Best Host: Sum Mei (15/16)
Best Variety Program: "Beautiful Kitchen"
Most Creative Program: "On the Road"
The Most Appreciated/ Highly Valued Award: "On the Road"
Best Foreign/ Imported Program: "The Adventures of Pan and James" (from Japan)

Exclusive pictures can be found at Sina's site:
Ent Tom gallery:

Sehseh: I'd almost had a heart attack when Charmaine won Favorite Female Character - I was thinking, TVB is going to disappoint us again. I burst into tears of happiness the minute Charmaine was announced winner of Best Actress. I'm so happy that I think I freaked other people next to me in the cybercafe (yes, I'm watching live). Just can't help crying... so glad, like I've found paradise. Nothing can describe how proud I feel, except for the Shannon Noll's "Shine" song I dedicated to Charmaine above.

"This is the time
This is the day that we've been waiting for
All the world will stop to watch you shine
This is the time
This is the day that we've been waiting for
All the world believes that you will shine"

I would also like to congrats all the winners and nominees - they all did a great job. Hahaha... Bobby and Joe are really great friends of Charmaine. Also, I think the veteran actor who played Charmaine's grandfather in "Seven Sisters" are very proud of her.

News and pics will be uploaded tomorrow. Till the, sweet sweet dreams to Charmaine and all her fans. We will always support you.


Fay said...

Yay!!! Congrats to Charmaine and thanks for the news and pictures posted!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad and fell great for Charmaine Sheh for her hard work has paid off. I hope TVB will cherish her. She is really a fantastic actress. A very lively and capturing artiste.

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