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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Relationship on the rocks - Charmaine Sheh shops alone

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[The Sun & Oriental Daily]

Charmaine Sheh and Benny Chan has been repeatedly rumored to broken up since a few years ago. Recently, a magazine caught Benny visiting karaoke lounge with GRO again. Yesterday, during a press conference in Shanghai, Benny was questioned by mainland reporters about his relationship with Charmaine. Benny evasively replied: “Friends lor. We already said numerous times that we’re just friends, there’s nothing special. (Did you sms Charmaine to congratulate her winning Best Actress?) Of course not. We’re friends and we will meet up, so there’s no need to sms congratulations.”

On the other hand, whilst her ‘boyfriend’ being repeatedly caught going out with other girls, Charmaine appeared alone at a shopping mall in Central yesterday. She keeps chatting on her mobile while browsing through Christmas cards and gifts. Her conversation lasted 30 mins until she noticed reporters were taking pictures, so she quickly ended her call and left through the back stairways.


Related article from Next Magazine:

Going to club with girls, Charmaine Sheh furiously dumps Benny Chan.

After winning double award at TVB 39th Anniversary Award, Charmaine Sheh career reached a high peak. However, her love life hit bottom point. Before she was crowned "TV Queen", Charmaine has ended her 4 year old underground romance with Benny Chan.

There are two cause for the split, first is TVB objected Charmaine dating Benny, fearing that he would affect the career of their Dong Ka Fadan. However, the main reason why Charmaine dumped Benny was because of his philandering habit.

On the other hand, Benny Chan went to Mainland China since November to film [Strange Tales of Liao Zhai] did not feel lonely after being dumped, but instead booked some GROs for karaoke sessions and enjoying a colorful lifesytle.

"I don't care"

November 11 was the day Charmaine won "Best Actress", but her 'boyfriend' Benny not only did not appear, he also did not watch the live broadcast of the award. He went to Happy Valley to have meals with friends, and did not attend Charmaine's celebration party at Timmy Hung's bar.

When people asked Charmaine why Benny haven't arrive yet, Charmaine awkwardly replied: "I don't know! Let's not talk about him." In the past, whenever Charmaine has celebration, Benny will always make an appearance. For example, Charmaine's 31st birthday bash in May was held in Wanchai with Benny as the 'boyfriend' host. It was reported that he presented her a bouquet of 99 stalk of flower and kissed Charmaine for half minute before getting down on his knees and proposed to her. At that time Charmaine silently agreed. (Load full of crap! Hate the reporters!)

However, recently there is a big attitude change of Charmaine towards Benny. In the past, whenever reporters mentioned Benny in front of Charmaine, she will deny that he is her boyfriend, but term their relationship as 'close friend' (生死之交). Last month when Charmaine was interviewed by reporters, she suddenly 'downgraded' their relationship, "I've never been together with him, we are just friends all along."

Can't live without girls

It was reported that they officially separated during end of October. Apart from the reason TVB esecutive Stephen Chan and Virginia Lok was afraid that Benny will affect Charmaine's career and influence her to leave for Mainland market, the main reason for the split is because she had enough of his philandering ways. Since they've known each other, Benny has many outside encounters but Charmaine trusted him - whenever people said Benny has a lot of girlfriends outside, she will defend him: "Well, I was rumored with other guys too, but whether true or not, only I will know." It was until Benny began staying at Mainland for a long period and constantly exposed going out with girls, Charmaine started to suspect something amiss.

Recently Benny was filming new series [STOLZ] in Shanghai. Fresh from his split with Charmaine, he began openly playing around. Last Thurday, after filming finished Benny headed back to hotel for shower and was spotted leaving the hotel with a short-haired young girl (around 20 years old). They went to have steamboat meals with friends, but they are too engrossed in their intimate chat.

Finishing their meals at 11pm, Benny sent his other friends home and strolled with the girl at a walkway popular among lovers. When they passed a food stall, Benny stopped and ate some, with the girl staring lovingly at him. Benny couldn't help himself and started to play around, grabbing her ears with his hand, making her scream and laugh. Afterward, they took a cab and returned to the hotel.

"Booking Northern Girls (GRO)"

(Note: The below is more to Benny's rumors, but I'm just translating it to make the article complete. I don't really care about his personal life either.)

The young girl was Benny's 'ex-acquaintance' during Benny filming stint in mainland two years ago. Nicknamed 'Xiao Ying', she just turned 20 years old this year. Whenever Benny went to Mainland to film series, he will 'book' her and asked her to be his assistant to prevent suspiscion.

Though he already has a booked companion, Benny was not satisfied. Last Saturday, after going steamboat with Xiao Ying and filming crew, he went to a nightclub with two other friends. After checking out the environment, they entered the private karaoke room. Soon after, the hostess brought 6, 7 girls into the room. When they saw Benny, they shouted happily: "Benny Chan came!" During the karaoke session, Benny danced intimately with one of the girls and occasionally ran his hand across her back.

It was just one minute passed when Xiao Ying suddenly stormed into the room. Seeing Benny with other girls, she shouted and Benny immediately sent the girls away to calm her down. Afterward, the girl singing with Benny told reporters: "He's no different from other people, just as outrageous, the difference is he has money."

(Lol... GRO's complaining about customer being outrageous? Anyone above 12 years old mentality knows what they job nature working in those kind of seedy karaoke nightclub. Not exactly the job that demand respect.)

Near 2am, Benny left with Xiao Ying but she still looked upset. Benny have no choice but to sheepishly held her hand and call a taxi back to hotel.

Downgraded relationship
Questioned about booking companionship and visiting karaoke nightclub, Benny appear to be a little nervous.
Reporter: Did you visit nightclubs with GRO's?
Benny: ... ... Erm ... ... went to sing karaoke.
Reporter: When Xiao Ying saw you with other girls, she shouted. You guys having a relationship?
Benny: Crazy! It's impossible.
Reporter: How's your relationship with Charmaine?
Benny: Ah... ... good friend ... ... what's up?

Afterward, the reporter called Charmaine and asked her comment on Benny's 'activities' in Mainland. When she heard the word 'Benny Chan', she said: "Why are you asking me?"

Reporter: He is your rumored boyfriend.
Charmaine: Please don't ask me about him from now on. We are just normal friends, I have no comment on his personal life.
Reporter: Broke up?
Charmaine: We've never dated, so what's to break up? However, we haven't saw each other for a long time.

Game over for 4 year relationship

'Dey Jing' Charmaine Sheh and 'Player' Benny Chan has known each other since 2000 and continued to meet each other. However, they both denied dating and have their own rumors with fellow co-stars. Dating for many years, they have finally separated.

While working on movie [Love is a Butterfly], a rumored saucy telephone conversation clip between Benny and Charmaine spreaded.

March 2002
Charmaine was charged on court for speeding, Benny went to temple to pray for her. Afterward, Charmaine said they're just good friends.

June 2004
Both of them visited Benny's ancestral burial, exposing their relationship. Soon after, Benny left for Taiwan and Mainland to film series, and have rumors with strings of actresses; while Charmaine was rumored to be with Best Ting and Matt Yeung. This year's May, Benny attended Charmaine birthday party at a bar where he also invested in.

(Come on people, the above is self explainatory, he invested in the bar, so what's special about his appearing in his own bar? The more ironic thing is, it was co-invested with Best and I think also Timmy.)

Sehseh: The above article is from Next Magazine, infamous for their crappy made up stories, so please read it with a pinch of salt. If reposted, kindly credit me.


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting up this news! i've been very curious about their relationships. i saw some clips of her in an interview with stephen that kinda talks about her relationship with benny too. it looks like benny cheated on her.

Anonymous said...

Next Magazine is unreliable so please do not believe this article.

Anonymous said...

Ya these magazines usually full of crap. But one thing for sure, her star is rising and he is already a 'has been'. So maybe, she was asked to dump him for good. If you look at some of the telecasted interviews of hers, you could see that she's the career-minded sort. Just a personal thought.

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