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Friday, November 17, 2006

More Glitz and Glamour At TVB Artistes Party

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[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 17/11/06]

TVB's Artiste Department held its annual dinner event yesterday entitled "Gathering Stars Big Party 2006" at a Tsimshatsui hotel and the male and female contracted artistes were all present. The females were all dressed up in their glamourous evening gowns and included Myolie Wu, Tracy Ip, Bernice Liu, Vivien Yeo and Angela Tong. Gigi Lai arrived late and although she was wearing a backless dress, she had a black overcoat on and at first she would not remove it for the press until she had entered the venue.

Despite not winning an award, Myolie Wu still dressed up in a low cut dress and she indicated she would be performing the theme song to her series "TO Grow With Love" at the event. As for reports that her rumoured boyfriend Bosco Wong has been avidly pursued by Niki Chow, who has been showering him with text messages, Myolie says she will not respond to things that are none of her business and in any case these things are very normal in the 21st century and sending messages is nothing unusual. Does she feel relieved at being out of the equation? Myolie msiles that if she was then people would stop asking her. She says she has been linked with Bosco for a long time now and she laughingly hopes there will be a new character sometime. As for rumours that there will be a sequel to 'War of In-laws', she says that she has heard the producer mention this and she does not mind working with Bosco again. Bosco himself just finds the rumours amusing because he and Niki do not have each other's phone numbers, so it is all made up. When it was mentioned that Myolie wants him to have rumours with someone else, he laughs: "Well everyone had better help her out then!" Asked about the suggestion that his rumoured girlfriend is chasing Bosco, Kevin Cheng says that most of the time, people will just make things up based on the stories, so there is nothing to be shocked about. He has become too accustomed to the showbiz gossip now and he will not think about it too much and is pleased when the reports are not too bad. Although this is a simple principle,it is very difficult to do in practice, but he will work towards it. He also adds that when the three of them were filming yesterday, they had a good laugh about this.

Bernice's gold $60,000 Fendi dress was worn before by Jennifer Lopez, but Bernice says modestly she does not have the same S-shaped figure as Lopez. She caused a stir as she entered with Raymond Lam instead of Moses Chan for this occasion and she wore jewellery by Bvlgari worth $500,000. She indicated that she had to be very careful with her step to avoid exposing herself because her dress sponsors have specified that she cannot use tape on the dress. Tracy wore a deep-V dress worth $40,000 because she felt that her outfit for the awards ceremony was too plain, so she decided on a prettier dress this time, but she has made her preparations. Her diamond necklace is made from the stone from her Miss Hong Kong crown and she wore the $200,000 watch that she was awarded when she won the pageant. Vivien wore a sexy dress that featured a picture by Picasso on the skirt. Gigi Lai wore a deep red backless Celine dress and a Cartier watch. When Gigi was asked about the gossip following the awards ceremony, she said that there are always remarks made every year so she will just see it as promotion. Sonija Kwok wore a set of diamonds worth $1.3 million, sponsored by Chow Tai Fook and featuring 50 carats of diamonds.

Best Actress Charmaine Sheh arrived with Best Actor Kevin Cheng and wore a low cut Moschino dress. Among the male stars were also Bowie Lam and Moses Chan, who did not seem disappointed after not winning an award this year as they joined in the celebrations. Roger Kwok joked with the press, telling them to go down to the bar with him. When he was dubbed as 'Number 1 Brother' because he was in the first act and the finale, he said: "I am just doing my best, I don't know how the company arranges it. (Everyone else has one part, so you agree you are special then?) This is not down to me to decide, it is the respect from other people and if people call me that, I will thank them." Steven Ma had his bandage removed from his eye yesterday and he said he was very brave in putting on his own make up. He says: "When my eye moves up or down it will make me feel faint, so I can't gawp at the girls when they go past!"

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