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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Mainland actor Feng Shao Feng joins the cast of [The Changing Times]

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Young mainland actor Feng Shao Feng (冯绍峰) will be joining the cast of TVB-CCTV 60 episode modern series; "The Changing Times". He will be playing one of the important character in the series; Tin Zhen Man (田振民). Translated from:

Other updates: Jessica - Michael - Joe storyline

During the interview on 《娱乐最前线》and《东张西望》, Jessica divulged a bit of her character storyline in [The Changing Times]. In the beginning, she was dating Michael Wong, but later found out that he has a wife. Michael also realized that he loves his wife the most, therefore they broke up. As for Joe, he has always admired her, but Jessica has no feelings for him until she broke up with Michael. Joe treated Jessica very well, so she slowly fall in love and eventually got married with him. However, after they got married, a lot of problems arise, mostly due to Joe turning bad toward the end. During interview, Joe also described his character as both good and evil.

Translated for Baidu forum. Kindly credit me if reposted.

Sehseh: Sorry, I should have posted updates a few days ago but I kept forgetting. Only when I read the updates on mainland cast in Baidu forum, I suddenly remember about it.

Seems like Feng Shao Feng (Lol... there is two Fung in this series!) will be playing Myolie's alternate love interest. Catch the past filming updates here.

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