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Monday, November 06, 2006

Joe Ma Interview by Charmaine Sheh

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[The Sun 05/11/06]

Charmaine has invited rumoured boyfriend Joe Ma for this week's interview and as they have worked together for three series, he opens his heart and tells her that the gossip that is causing him the most hassle is the unending links he has with her. He also says he is Charmaine's expletive spokesperson, so whenever his good friend meets with anything unfair, he will swear on her behalf to make her feel better and building their friendship.

C: Charmaine Sheh
J: Joe Ma

C: Talking of gossip, I have had a lot of it with you, has this bothered you?

J: No, just some are too over the top. However, I feel that this negative press has some true meaning and that is the magazines know that the viewers want these things to be true, so they will write it because they know that to sell magazines, they just need to put our picture on the cover and it will sell well.

C: One magazine used the headline 'Whole Station Against Charmaine' - what do you think about that?

J: How can the whole of TVB 'pour snakes' [Cantonese for 'Against Charmaine Sheh' sounds like 'pouring snakes'.] So bold! Talking of this report, I was very confused, they (magazines) did call me for a response, asking me who I would support to be Best Actress and I chose Charmaine. Then after I said that, they immediately apologised that the deadline had passed and they could not publish my comments.

Swearing on her Behalf

C: I have worked with you on three occasions, what was your first impression of me?

J: I remember at the time I gave you a nickname and called you 'take the rough smoothly'. The first time we were filming in Guangxi and you were treated very unfairly, but you just said 'whatever' even when you were being bullied. They had not done their homework and were being very demanding, but you still agreed to it.

C: I was unhappy then and you asked me what the matter was and I cried out. I was very unhappy then and I just thought to let it pass, get through the few months and return to Hong Kong. When someone came to comfort me, it really made me cry.

J: Also I was your swearing spokesperson, when you met with any bad things, I would help you swear to make you feel better.

C: So from then onwards, whenever I am unhappy, then you will help me say a swear word.

Having a Meal is No Big Deal

J: From then onawards, our friendship has slowly developed. I have continued to improve and have seen you taking your work very seriously. You were a newcomer then and had to take a lot of hardships without a word, now you have cheered up and joking all the time.

C: I feel that as long as you do not hurt anyone, then you should say whatever you feel. You have to learn to release yourself and not keep it all in. Back to you, with so much news involving you, have you thought to clarify any of it?

J: I believe there is no need to clarify this. People read the gossip magazines as fictional stories and may not believe it , but I do feel that some things will stick and if you mention it too many times, people will start to believe it. People should pay more attention to our hard work, like you not getting enough sleep from filming all the time in the past few years. People should be admiring your acting instead of your news about taking time out to go for a meal. To be honest, having a meal is no big deal and once when I was linked with someone in rumours, they became very evasive and when the press asked for photos, they would go to the washroom. You are different.

C: I have met with this before and it is very uncomfortable. Not to mention people from within the industry, it has happened with people from outside showbiz circules and they did not like being in the papers. Being photographed having a meal made them feel very hassled.

J: We have been rumoured about from the very beginning and many people have lost interest now. We are good friends now and this is what should be cherished.

C: When we were filming for "Maidens Vow", they were constantly brainstorming, but because there wasn't enough time, the scripts were produced at very short notice.

J: When we were filming this series, it felt like we were fighting a battle together, because in some of the stories, we had to keep reminding each other which role we were playing.

C: Seeing each other every day, I saw you more than I saw my bed and it was very tiring, so we had to help each other out. Hey, which report gave you the most trouble?

J: The ones with you because it keeps on going. Usually, they just report it and it is over, but they talk about us going for a meal and about us working together.

C: It's like they won't let us be friends.

J: The media is so funny nowadays, they are like primary school kids, where boys aren't allowed to play with girls! In truth, men and women can still be friends with each other.

C: You have a very sensitive side and on one occasion, you were very quiet and your eyes were very puffy. It turned out that your son was going back to France to study and you had hidden away at home crying, but you give people the impression that you are a player!

Many Girls but Not a Player

J: I don't think so, I usually wear very simple clothes. Maybe I care too much about people's feelings. Take one time when I was being interviewed, the female reporter escorted me out and as it was windy, I told her to go back in but she accused me of being false. I remember a friend once said that if Andy Lau was there, then he would be seen as being nice, but if it was me, then they think I am coming onto them.

C: Do you have many female friends?

J: Yes, I think there is too much competition with the same gender friends.

C: I am the same! Moreover, they rarely put a few leading females together in a series, so I really don't know them and we can't pretend to be friends. Then the reports say we are at odds.

Confident of Best Actor Award

C: With the anniversary close, are you confident of the Best Actor award?

J: Yes, I am confident, actually bursting with confidence, so I should win! The chances are zero though. Artistes should be self-confident because this is the only way you can play your roles well. Like models always believe they are the best-looking. This is what art is all about, if I am not good, then why bother asking me? Are you confident? I think you will do well!

C: Confidence is there, but I don't know how the penny will fall.

J: I have prepared my outfit and I will escort you to the stage, so don't rush on the stage yourself and leave me looking stupid!

C: There is no award for Best Couple this year.

J: They don't want us to win the award together?

C: Would you like to win 'Best Actor' or 'My Favourite Male Character'?

J: I would choose 'Best Actor'. The 'my favourite' awards are very subjective, it doesn't matter to me who your favourite it. However the word 'Best' is more professional.

C: Have you any male leads you support?

J: Of course I support myself! If I can't win with four characters in one series, then I will lose out so much. Even if everyone has a fight, I have three extra people to help me out... haha!


In Charmaine's eyes...

"He cares about his family and is always talking about them when he is filming. Also whenever he has a break, he will take time out to fly to France to see them. He is very clear about his goals and knows what he is doing. No-one can affect him and he is an artiste with a very strong character. He is serious about his work, punctual and loves filming. He is not like the reports suggest, but it is very difficult for me to promote his good points to the whole world."

Translation credit to Em.

Sehseh: Hehe... Joe seems like a sweet guy. I wonder who 'they' are referring to while filming Country Spirit in Guangxi. I read the original chinese version of this article and it seems that some big shot cast member bullied Charmaine while filming. Anwyway, Joe was witty with his comment, the part after Charmaine said there is no best partnership award, he sounds like "Seems like they really doesn't want us to win together, don't they?" Lol... his jokes about fighting with extra 'help' made me laugh silly.

p.s. In a recent news, it said that Charmaine and Joe is currently leading the internet polls. I doubt it has any big significance, since HK comprised more than two thousand people... However, the pics of Charmaine are nice though:

News translation, pics and clip of dress fitting at Armani coming up soon...

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