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Thursday, November 02, 2006

"Glittering Days" Promotional Event

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[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 02/11/06]

TVB Anniversary Grand Production "Glittering Days" will begin airing on Monday and a group of cast members including Roger Kwok, Charmaine Sheh, Lai Lok Yi, Sharon Chan, Mimi Chu and Albert Lo joined together on stage at two promotional events yesterday. The other main lead Liza Wang was absent as she is currently working on the "Golden Songs of Our Century" concerts.

When Lok Yi and Sharon came on to talk about their characters, there was some heckling from Mimi who told them to kiss, however they just posed for the press to take photos. Afterwards, when Evergreen Mak and Akina Hong went onto the stage, Mimi indicated that Evergreen is a villain in the show, who is always 'raping' his wife Akina. She also jokes: "I have been with TVB for over ten years and no-one dares to come onto me, but I am such great quality!" The cast joined together to crack open the champagne to wish the show success in ratings and producer Tong Kei Ming also gave an early congratulations to Charmaine to win the Best Actress award.

Charmaine has a speech impediment in the show and also has to sing in Russian, but she would not give any demonstrations yesterday because she says she has forgotten it all now. She says that during filming, she listened to Russian songs for a whole week to accustom herself to it. As for the producer's indication she will win the award, she smiles: "Thanks to him!" Talking of working opposite TVB Big Sis Liza, she says that there is no pressure and she finds Liza is very friendly and professional and because she has such high standards in herself, she has a good influence on all her juniors around her. Charmaine also smiles: "I have had good fortune this time because Liza likes to eat her own food, so she often brings her own food to filming and Suzanna Kwan also often brought a lot of food made by her mother to share with everyone, so we often stuck around for meals."

Roger was recently filming in Zhanjiang for film "One Mission", where he has to stab his co-star Ken Lo. Roger says it is an honour to work with kung-fu star Ken, who has worked opposite the greats such as Jackie Chan. Asked about his expectations for the new show, Roger says: "This is an anniversary show, so I hope that it will have good ratings and be the highest of the year. This would be a great birthday gift to the company from the viewers." Talking of them losing out by missing this year's anniversary nominations because the viewers will have forgotten about them this time next year, Roger says: "I am not afraid, next year I will have even better productions, take 'Curious Detective' that begins filming at the end of November, this has been increased now to 25 episodes, so it is quite a big production." This show will also feature rumoured couple Kenneth Ma and Margie Tsang, but Roger and Margie will play brother and sister roles. He laughs: "With me there, there will be no romance!"

Lok Yi explained his refusal to kiss Sharon, saying that they had already kissed in the series. Asked if he would rather kiss Sharon or Mimi, he laughs: "Of course it would be Mimi! She is so beautiful! It would have been good for us to play lovers!!" He feels very fortunate to have the chance to work with so many great actors in this show and says: "They are all amazing, everyone can sing and I have learned so much." He also reveals that he will be turning the tables and dressing up as a girl to perform a song and dance routine at the Anniversary.

Translation credit to Em.

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Sehseh: Looks like Glittering Days is going to air soon, which is next Monday, November 6th! So excited! I doubt it'll help much boosting the Best Actress award since it's only aired 4 episodes before the award presentation. Gahh... anyway, as long as there's a Charmaine series, I'm happy.

I'm apologizing again for my tardiness - as you can clearly see I have yet to post magazines translation of Charmaine (as a matter of fact, they're gathering digital dust in my pc folder). I'll try to post some at least by this weekend - not to mention there's some nice clips as well.

The reason for the slow progress? Since Monday, I've been pre-occupied and plaqued with one horrible problem - I'm watching Hwang Jin-I lately and after dl the softsubbed AVI to my pc, I like it so much I wanted to burn it into VCD. Now here lies the problem - I tried to encode the AVI file into MPEG1 but the subtitles didn't show! Okay, I went to some tutorial forums and learned that I'll need Tmpgenc. I followed the guide and the only some part of the subtitle shows up! Argh... so I went seeking help again and decided to hardsub the AVI file instead using VirtualDubMod. The result is perfect - save for one, critical thing: The picture quality is so bad! The AVI result look great onscreen (but actually reduced from 700mb to 500mb++), but after I encode it into MPEG1... aiks... headache!

And for every encoding step, I need 2-3 hours. I only slept 3 hours daily for 4 consecutive night, so now I'm tired, cranky and desperate for a solution. I swore to myself that I would give up and just burn it into CD-R as AVI file (but I can only watch on pc, never on TV!) if I still couldn't resolve it by this weekend (plus my pc is running out of space :P). Therefore, HELP!!! Any expert out there who can help an amateur like me? PLEASE???????

All I can offer back for your assistance is some very yummylicious pics and article translation of Charmaine...


Funn Lim said...

I only know one way and that is by encoding it into DVD format. One DVD can put about 4 episodes. I assume your subtitles is in a different file, perhaps .srt? Have you tried Super DVD Creator 9.25? You load the AVI file (MPEG aren't good at all!) and then you load the subtitles file (if the subtitles file is .txt, simply change the file extension name to .srt). You burn it into your hard drive first, see if it is ok and then you can burn into your DVD. No harm trying. Always use AVI.If your computer is fast, the whole process shouldn't take more than 2 hours for sayyyy 4 episodes in one DVD.

Anyway you can get the Super DVD Creator torrent from look for Super DVD Creator 9.25. + key gen

Funn Lim said...

Or alternatively you can try


Can burn into VCD format. Never tried it though.

And let's say you have burned your whole DVD thing to your hard drive, instead of reburning it again (one problem with Super DVD Creator or I think even AVI2DVD), if you have NERO you use DVD recode IF NO NERO try the freeware DVD Shrink 3.2. Very good product.

Just Google it.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, sorry for all your stress, sehseh coz believe me, i was just in that situation trying to burn the entire My Girl drama on DVD for a friend's birthday gift.
One of my net friends directed me to this tutorial and that was the method that i used. here's the link to it.
At the end of the tutorial, there's a link to one for Nero.
It seems that you already know how to use virtualdubmod, but hope this can be of some help.
I must say, though, that this whole process is time-consuming...takes way longer than the one that Funn suggested (around 4-5 hours total to hardsub and burn onto disc).
Also, for me, each DVD can only hold 2 episodes but the quality of the DVDs that I burned is actually quite decent.
Good luck, sehseh!

sehseh said...

Thanks for the tips! This is the price I have to pay in order to have the newest kseries. With the amount of time i spent on and offline, it's way more expensive than getting original! Lol....

But if this series exceed my expectation, I will surely buy the original DVD for collection... but depending on the rate here, we'll have to wait at least 6 months until until the original DVD get released.

Funny, before this I watched the korean series in mandarin dubbing. However, lately I've been watching them in original korean dubbing (with excellent english subtitle, of course) and throughly enjoyed it! I'm going to watch kdrama in their original dubbing from now on. :)

More ironic is that fansub are of higher quality than those we get out there. I say fire the translator and hire the fansubbers at soompi!

Anonymous said...

haha, sehseh...
I, too, prefer to watch the show in korean with subtitles coz that way, the experience is more authentic and I can learn korean as well.
On behalf of WITH S2, thank you for appreciating the team's effort.=)

sehseh said...

Yeah, I really appreciate WITH S2 subbing team and they really did a great job! i find their translation much better than most of the original DVD release out there.

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