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Monday, November 27, 2006

Deal or No Deal: Charmaine Sheh

Note: If the video is lagging for you, press 'Pause' button and wait till the clip load entirely before resume watching. I have been informed that some have problem viewing the 3rd clip. If that happens, clear your cookies and view the clip directly on tudou by clicking on the body of the clip (not the 'Play' button!).

**Also added Glittering Days DOND Charity Special, with Roger and Charmaine. Plus, preview trailer of Charmaine on Be My Guest!

DOND: Best Actress Special
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

What an exciting game huh?! Charmaine took the risk and it paid off!

Download the bittorrent link here.

Congrats Charmaine, now you can buy the hot Porsche Cayman. Kekeke....

Haha... poor Joel. He chose the $1.5 million suitcase and they teased him non-stop afterward. But it was okay, lady luck was smilling on Charmaine and coupled with encouragement from Derek, she took $500,000 home! Yippie!

She look lovely in the red dress. Absolutely gorgeous when she smiles!!! Scroll down for Glittering Days Charity Special:

GD Special: Roger & Charmaine
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Sigh... Roger and Charmaine makes a good onscreen couple, don't they? As much as I don't want to admit it (I prefer Chilam of course), Roger do havew natural chemistry with Charmaine. The secret? In recent interview, Roger admit that he does have feelings for Charmaine during filming GD. An actor has to have affection his co-star in order to create sparks on-screen.

However, not to worry as he clearly understand it's just affection, not real love and he is able to detach himself afterwards. Haha... his acting philosophy is similar with Sunny.

By the way, talking of 'feelings', here's a preview of Stephen Chan's "Be My Guest" this week. We will get to watch Charmaine giving in-depth interview, including her relationship with Benny Chan...

Download the clip here.
Credits to Bebe from


Charlotte said...

Haha! What an exciting game. Too bad I couldn't see the 2nd clip...

sehseh said...

Charlotte, there is always some problems when watching youtube or tudou clip. Sometimes the clip just load halfway.

If that happens, clear your cookies and temporary files. You can choose to just delete the tudou/youtube files in your temporary internet files folder. Reopen my page again and restart download by pressing play. The trick should work.

Anonymous said...

Hey SehSeh!

do you think u could upload this week's "be my guest" after it airs?! i realli wanna hear the interview!! =)

Emma said...

lol the be my guest video isnt working and i cant seem to download it....can u re-up plz....thanx so much

sehseh said...

Emzeeez, I tested the BMG clip and dl link and they're working. Try again.

Anonymous said...

Roger is too oldish & short for her.

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