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Friday, November 24, 2006

Charmaine Sheh at Max & Co event

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Charmaine Sheh says Image is Important But Roles are Not Dictated by Artistes

[Ta Kung Pao 24/11/06]

Charmaine Sheh has been filming in the mainland for new series "The Drive of Life", but she took time out to attend a fashion show event earlier. With the current wave of negative press against her co-star Joe Ma and suggestions his role has been cut as a result, Charmaine was asked about this and she says she does not know about it, but she knows that roles are not dictated by artistes and she does not have many scenes with him in this series. As for TVB executive Virginia Lok's earlier remarks about an artiste's image being very important, Charmaine says this does not just apply to artistes and everyone's image is very important.

With another rumoured girlfriend in the picture for Joe, is Charmaine relieved that the focus is no longer on her. She says that it cannot be put that way and he will deal with things in his own way and they know what is true and what is false. Will she be calling to comfort him? Charmaine says that he is very busy at the moment, so it is not convenient to call him, but she insists that her friendship with Joe has not changed. Asked if she is particularly careful with her own romantic affairs, she syas that she has always been very careful, but everyone deals with things differently and the most important thing is to be comfortable with yourself. Talking of the complaints received against the anniversary show, Charmaine feels that they were already very reserved during this year's show and they were let off quite lightly because past shows have been crazier, so pouring water and throwing cakes is nothing unusual any more.

When the press asked her about the part where she was running away from Nat Chan and his moving bag, Charmaine smiles that she did not know if the thing inside was real or not as she could not be sure that they would not put a real snake inside. She says she will not be angry with them because it was all just for a laugh and she feels that these shows in Hong Kong are already a lot milder compared with those from Taiwan and the Mainland. She says that at the end of filming for "The Dance of Passion", she had a 1 litre bottle of cola poured down her back and she was fine about this.

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