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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Voting at TVB anniversary award

Since a lot of people are still confused on how to vote at TVB 39th Anniversary Award, I will be posting a brief tutorial.

1. You must register at as member.
(* means it's compulsory)

2. After confirming your membership, you can now officially vote at:
(The answer is 39)

3. Start voting.
Important: Charmaine's chinese name is 佘詩曼. If you wish to support DOP, choose 火舞黃沙, for Maiden's Vow choose 鳳凰四重奏.

4. Confirm vote. In the bottom right, you will see two buttons.
The 1st button (left): Clear your options
The 2nd button (right): Confirm vote

5. Fill in your personal details.
You do not need HK ID to vote. Just fill in any number and choose your location as "Others".
(If you think you really need a HK ID, you can dl an ID generator here)
There will be three buttons below. To confirm, choose the last one.

6. There, you're done!

I hope the above helps. Please do vote for Charmaine as soon as possible. Though it may not make a big difference in the results, at least we can show that Charmaine has a lot of fans supporting her.

By the way, if Charmaine really win the Best Actress award this year, the International Fan Club is planning to advertise a congratulations at TVB mag. Please visit here for more details. Thank you!

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