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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Visiting "The Changing Times" filming set

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Sheren Tang Shui Man, Jessica Hsuan, Michael Miu Kiu Wai, Joe Ma Tak Chung, Damien Lau Chung Yan, and Wong Suk Yee were filming a banquet scene for new TVB series "The Changing Times" yesterday. All the cast members appeared in elegant attire, making for a very refined atmosphere.

In the series, Sheren plays a wealthy lady. "In real life, I would not want to be a rich lady because you have to spend so much time on wardrobe choices! You have to match your clothes from top to bottom, which is very troublesome! But an artist's dress requirements are not much different though!"

Since Sheren is also nominated for the Best Actress Award in TVB's 39th Anniversary, does she have confidence in winning? Sheren responded impatiently, "I'm nominated each year! From the day of the lighting ceremony to the anniversary date, reporters ask the same questions every day! I'm saying this for the last time, please do not ask me any more questions again!"

"If I win the award, I will tell myself to continue to put greater efforts into my acting. If I do not win, I will not place the matter in my heart. My emotions will remain the same. Anyway, the series has finished filming and has already been broadcast already!"

There were tabloid reports that said Sheren did not think Charmaine Sheh will win, but rather found Myolie Wu to have a greater chance? "Myolie's series has not been broadcast yet, why would I say that? I find these tabloid reports to be very pointless."

"If I were to choose, I would pick Louisa So Yuk Wah for Best Actress. Because I have watched her series before." For the Best Actor, Sheren would choose "Nasty Man" Michael Tse Tin Wah because they were good onscreen partners in "La Femme Desperado."

Reporters also asked Joe Ma Tak Chung if he had confidence to win the Best Actor Award? He said, "Every actor should have confidence. If they don't have this confidence, how would they be an actor? I also have confidence, although my chances may be a little slim. Since I have been in the industry for 13-14 years, it's actually quite late in my career to win an award."

News translation credit to Jayne.


Sehseh: The scenes above were actually the birthday banquet for Lau Kong, who is Sheren's wealthy father (edited). If I'm not mistaken, the scene above is pre-1997.

Hehe... I'm glad that [Changing Times] are filming smoothly. Everyone dressed so well - it really reflect their roles as the rich and famous. Hmm... given a thought about the background and storyline, it reminds me of those old US soaps like Dallas and Dynasty. Haha... of course it's not that dramatic lah.. just a joke.

I wish the reporters would just leave Sheren, Charmaine and Myolie alone. Though rumors are expected to circulate during anniversary period, even I'm starting to get frustrated as a fan. Imagine the amount of pressure on the artistes' shoulder.

p.s. October 22 - I have added new trailer for Glittering Days 東方之珠.

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