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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

TVB Mag: The Changing Times press conference

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Character names *updated Oct 9th
Raymond Lam as 华振邦 (Wah Zhen Pong)
Damien Lau as 华文翰 (Wah Man Hang)
Michael Miu as 华文碩 (Wah Man Shek)
Myolie Wu as 方秉怡 (Fong Bing Yee)
Sheren Tang as 汪紹芬 (Wong Siu Fan)
Toby Leung as 华清琳 (Wah Ching Ling)
Ng Wai Kwok as 危天行 (Ngai Tin Hang)
Mary Hon as 卢皓月 (Lu Ho Yuet)
Chan Mei Kei as 衞長萍 (Wai Cheung Ping)
Gigi Wong as 湛恩 (Zhan Yan)
Liu Ging Sang as 华文鸿 (Wah Man Hung)

(What? No update on Charmaine, Jessica and Joe's character name?! Sigh... even supporting character name get a mention)

Information updates based on the mag scans:

Damien Lau is the eldest brother in Wah family and he is basically in charge of the family automobile business. His wife is Gigi Wong, while Jessica Hsuan and Raymond Lam are his children.

Michael Miu is the third and youngest Wah brothers. He have a beautiful wife, played by Sheren. Sheren doesn't know about Michael's playboy personality and they have a daughter, Toby Leung.

Ng Wai Kwok is Ngai Tin Hang, who plotted revenge against the Wah family as they had oppressed him in the past. He have a son with Mary Hon, who is Joe Ma. They also had another son out of wedlock, which is Ron Ng (which means Ron's father is not Benz Hui, but Ng Wai Kwok?)

Chan Mei Kei is Charmaine Sheh's mum. Charmaine and Ray play lovers in this series. Myolie Wu and Ellesmere Choi is Ray's personal assistants, who helped him run the business.

Ron will be pairing up with Toby again. They are already familiar with each other. Meanwhile, Myolie has successfully lost weight and her character will get embroiled in a complex love pentacle. Chan Mei Kei, who is semi retired, asked her husband and son's permission before taking part in FWSY.

Synopsis and character summaries of The Changing Times in below post.

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